Dems Love Talking About COVID-19

If you were to only watch the mainstream snowflake media outlets (MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Washington Post, and New York Times et al), you would think that the only thing going on in the United States in this day and age was the Coronavirus, and the way it’s been totally botched by the Trump administration. There are a lot of things you’d probably have missed.

For instance, you would have missed the entire Tara Reade accusation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her back in the late 1990s in the US Capitol building. You would have missed that, along with the sound of crickets coming from the #MeToo movement as they tried to distance themselves from Reade. Oh, they still believe that you have to believe the woman when she says she’s been molested. But only if it’s a Democrat woman or a woman accusing a Republican! If someone is accusing a Democrat politician, you have to totally ignore it.

You probably would have missed the fact that Joe Biden has been broadcasting from his house and having a terrible time campaigning. So far, Biden has tried three “town hall” meetings with different states. None of them have worked out well at all. In fact, it’s been an utter catastrophe. And when Biden decides to attack Trump, he only has one thing to talk about. That’s the Coronavirus. He can’t talk about anything else. And he’s got his facts all screwed up on that. It’s so bad that the moderators for the liberal news outlets are calling him out on his screwups!

I bet you missed the whole Michael Flynn unmasking, didn’t you? You would have because it really wasn’t covered. For instance, you wouldn’t have found out that on January 12, 2017, Joe Biden attended a meeting in the Oval Office where the unmasking of Michael Flynn was discovered. The very next day, Biden submitted an unmasking request! Now, why does a sitting Vice President need to “unmask” a member of the military? You wouldn’t have found that out on the snowflake media. You would have heard nothing more than, “Well, Flynn DID plead guilty to lying!”

And what about Bobo Obama’s role in all of this? You know, early on, you never heard a word about Obama. But after the whole unmasking thing came out, he’s getting to be front and center! Apparently, not only did Obama know about the whole attempt to destroy Flynn, he orchestrated it! And how does Obama respond when asked about that? By saying that the “current administration doesn’t even know what they are doing!”, referring to the Coronavirus.

And let’s not forget the 6,000 pages of testimony that was released from the House Intelligence Committee’s 57 interviews that they conducted leading up to the impeachment of Donald Trump! You probably didn’t know anything about that on the mainstream snowflakes. They all but forgot to cover that! You know what was really interesting was the part where people like James Clapper, John Brennan, Susan Rice, and Samantha Power all claimed on the Sunday talking shows that Donald Trump was all but (and in some cases including) a spy for Russia going into the 2016 election! But in front of the House Intelligence Committee, where you can be fined and jailed if you lie, none of them ever heard a word of “Russian collusion” from the Trump campaign. Nothing to see here folks! Of course, the mainstream press missed that one too!

I guess it’s pretty amazing that the mainstream press has figured out a way not to lie to the American public…they just don’t cover bad stories about their own side. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say they’ve figured out a way to lie because about 90% of the stories that they cover about Trump aren’t true or are spun to only accentuate the negative.

And the beat goes on!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Dems Love Talking About COVID-19

    1. They won’t repent ANY of their liberally biased ways unless and until they are forced to do so. There are only two reasons for them to do that. First is they have no advertisers because everyone boycotts them, and second is the government takes away their “freedom of the press”. Either way, they lose immediately.

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