Coronavirus 2.0

Yeah, it’s coming. Sorry to say that, but that’s what I fear these days. I can say that here in Arizona, we opened back up last week with “strict restrictions” as far as distancing is concerned. Oh, you’re supposed to wear a mask when you are less than 6 feet from other people. And are people doing it? Nope. People are in close quarters. On the other side of the valley, the local media had a field day showing people outside of a restaurant, standing almost on top of each other waiting to get in.

Here where I live, we opened our recreation centers. And while that’s a fun thing, and something that’s certainly needed, most people I know only think it’s going to be for a short while. Because most of us expect Coronavirus 2.0 to come roaring back bigger and stronger than ever very soon.

In Arizona, we really have “flattened the curve” much yet. Our deaths have been going up, and our testing is in the bottom third of all states. What we HAVE noticed here is that the percentage of people testing positive is under 10%. That’s what our Governor has used as evidence that we can open up.

Of course, when I see that the World Health Organization (WHO) comes out and says that in places that have opened up, “the Coronavirus is not increasing”, and that wearing a mask can reduce transmission up to 75%, I have to wonder whether Donald Trump is right about that group. Talk to Texas about Coronavirus not increasing! Look back at China, where they have just quarantined about 100 million people because their COVID-19 has reared it’s ugly head again.

My dreaded fear in all of this is that yes, we are in for a rather long slog. We’re going to see this hit us again, and once again, we’re going to be told to “shelter in place” or “stay at home”, only this time it’s going to be more strict. I’ve already heard that from several sources. Going to the store for “essential” is only going to be for people under 65. And forget about going outside for fresh air. You’re going to be in your house. Period. At least you are if you’re over 65. If that happens, you can basically kiss the airlines goodbye. The cruise lines are already looking at bankruptcy. And I can’t begin to tell you how many restaurants and stores have already decided to pitch it in.

No, Coronavirus may be with us for a good long while. And if we have flare-ups because of idiots out there deciding that they are bigger and badder than the virus, we’re going to be locked in our homes, without jobs, without incomes, without all of the government help that we’ve been getting. Because quite honestly, we can’t afford to keep raising our federal debt to pay people for staying at home, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and AOC say.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Coronavirus 2.0

  1. I didn’t think you were a “glass-half-empty” sorta guy?? I rather focus on the positive and facts that now reveal the greatest number of those who contracted the virus were those who “home-sheltered”, or that on a State wide national average about 50% of the deaths were those in nursing homes and assisted living homes. Some States like New York and Connecticut have seen that percentage exceed 60%. Deaths in Pennsylvania nursing homes increased 550% in one month!

    Florida did it right. They focused on the most vulnerable and kept them isolated rather than infecting them with those who already had the virus. You don’t need to be a doctor to make that decision, but if you’re a politician I guess you have different priorities!

    Now, we all understand that every single death is a tragedy but it’s also fair to say that some governor’s made very, very bad decisions while others who were not so restrictive have had a much more successful result. I would almost place the blame more on bad decisions than I would on the virus?

    Look, we can argue both sides of the story, and as more new information continues to come out that contradicts previous information, we’re a long way away from knowing the whole or true story. Everybody is ready to condemn these previous decisions but that’s all based on 20/20 hindsight. Wear face masks, don’t wear face masks. Some say the virus can last for days on surfaces while the C.D.C. is now reporting the virus does spread easily on surfaces. Even Dr. Fauci is now saying that “staying closed for too long will will cause irreparable damage.”

    How can some of these governor’s classify abortion clinics and liquor stores essential to remain open but want to shut down restaurants, barber shops and church services? You can walk on wet sand but not on the dry sand at the beach! I believe EVERY business is essential if for the only reason that those shop owners need too remain capable to support their own livelihoods, employees and families. Sadly many employees will no longer have a place of employment when this is all over.

    As for me, I’m going to remain optimistic and go as far as believing our governor just might skip phase 2 and go directly to phase 3. Sunshine, fresh air and warm weather are the best disinfectant. Living your life is a risk every single day of your life, and if I feel I’m entering a dangerous area I will simply turn around and go home, that’s called personal responsibility. So far I’ve managed to survive 71 years, so I must be doing something right?

    Predicting Round-Two is like trying to predict the next big San Fransisco earthquake. We’ll all find out only after it happens!

    For GOD and Country

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    1. You’re right about your conclusion. Overall, I think the government and the world was wrong about shutting everything down for one simple reason. We have NEVER in the history of mankind quarantined healthy people to have them avoid getting sick. We quarantine the sick people. That’s what should have happened here. Let’s see if we actually learn from it!


    1. And wearing a mask doesn’t do a damn thing unless you’re infected. None of what was done was beneficial. It was all an over-reaction. Look at it this way, we will have over 100,000 deaths (some say as much as 140,000) from coronavirus. Last year, the flu killed 31,000. The year before that, it killed 60,000 plus.


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