But Are You Black ENOUGH?

Did Joe Biden step in it again this past week? The answer is obviously, “YES!” when he told an African American radio host on “The Breakfast Club”. And yes, once again, Biden stepped in it, knee deep this time, and ended up having to clarify himself and run the comment back as blacks all over the spectrum turned on him.

Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out if you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black!”

I find it amazing that one little sentence can basically destroy a presidential bid. Think back four years ago when Hillary Clinton said, “To be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into a basket of deplorables”. And she never got over that comment.

Mitt Romney, eight years ago, while talking to a private group of donors, came up with his “47% remark”. You remember that, right? 47% of the people in America are for Obama regardless what else is going on because he’s giving them food, and money, and all the other stuff they get from government.

The question is, will the black voters in this country wake up and realize that the Democrat party has done nothing but turn them back into slaves? Will it hit them that the free largess that they’ve received from Uncle Sam is nothing more than inducement, and now that they’ve become “addicted” to that largess, that handout from the government, they have to either vote that way…for the Democrats or they lose that handout. So, in essence, they’ve agreed to go back to being slaves. This time they’re slaves for the Democrat party.

And that was exactly what Joe Biden meant when he said “If you have a problem figuring out who to vote for in this, you ain’t black”. The hidden message to blacks is, you don’t elect me president, and you lose your sugar! In my eyes, that’s wrong.

Blacks, like every other segment of our society has an active and important role to play in our country. They shouldn’t be slaves, certainly not to a political party! And to think that it’s gotten so brash, so blatant that a presidential candidate can actually say that they aren’t black, or even black enough if they have to actually think of which party to vote for is appalling. It’s degrading. It’s actually racist. There, I’ve said it. Joe Biden’s comment was about as racist of a comment as you can make! And if making racist comments in this country, as snowflake black leaders would have you believe, makes you a racist, then let me say, Joe Biden is a racist. I’m using THEIR logic, and their reasoning on this one, not mine.

Joe Biden has no business running for office. He’s too old, he’s mentally checked out, and is in need of some serious medical help. And like we will detail tomorrow when we look at the people both parties have run for the highest office in the land, Joe Biden is not fit to seek that office. If that’s not clear to the Democrats at this point, they are woefully lacking in intelligence!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “But Are You Black ENOUGH?

  1. Considering that I am every bit as Black as Biden and probably more Native American than Warren (though I am not listed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs), I would still say I am Black enough. You see, although I do enjoy a lighter shade of melatonin in my skin (and, hence, get some benefits from our society), I see race as a human construct. This isn’t from God and should not be followed.

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  2. Gee, you forgot, “Read my lips, no new taxes” LOL!

    Roger-that! I can’t believe what the Democrat Party has done to the Black community. The Dem’s couldn’t keep them on the plantation so now they continually try to turn our entire government system into a plantation giving them the only means they have of receiving life-support.

    If Black’s were to learn their REAL history they would see how the Democrat’s have continually and consistently fought against giving them their equal rights, but I think slowly and surly some are starting to come around thanks to people like Candice Owens, Dr. Ben Carson and Kanye West who are showing Black’s that those who think for themselves can lift themselves out of poverty. But what I hate the most is how successful conservative Black’s are persecuted by the Left simply because they think a different way. We won’t even talk about the pathetic Black race baiter’s like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, but isn’t it interesting how their own claim to fame came on the very backs of the people they were suppose to be saving? And our first Black pResident decided to further divide the country instead of uniting it. There was NOTHING great about our first Black pRresident because that’s all he was…a resident.

    You’re right, Sleepy Joe 30330 just proved again that the Dem’s take the Black’s for granted. It’s too bad the entire Black community won’t revolt for their Freedoms like the people of Hong Kong?

    For GOD and Country

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    1. Well said ol’ friend! And by the way….that was a GREAT letter in the paper! I thought what was interesting you and the two women who’s letter was next to yours quoted the same bylaw…only you got it right! Nice job!!!


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