Who Will Get The Blame?

As we wind down the Coronavirus escapade, certainly it will be either the top story or the second top story (if the presidential election surpasses it) of the year, we need to start asking the question, “Are the Democrats right to be pointing fingers at all?” If so, are they right at pointing them at Donald Trump?

I don’t think so.

Frankly, I would suggest that you would first point your blame at the Chinese. After all, they were the ones that let this thing out of the lab. Second, they had a travel ban within their own country and the Wuhan province long before they had a travel ban in place for foreigners coming to their country. It was almost like they wanted it spread to the rest of the world. Third, I just don’t trust that country with much and we’ve put way too much trust in them to manufacture an awful lot of our goods.

Second, do you blame Donald Trump? Again, I’m not so sure. Remember, it was Trump that instituted the travel ban back on January 31st. Nancy Pelosi called it racist and xenophobic at the time, as did Joe Biden. In fact, to illustrate her point, Pelosi went to Chinatown in San Francisco, and invited the world to come in and party there. That was February 24th. Then on March 6th, some six weeks after Trump initiated the travel ban from China, Los Angeles Mayor, Gil Garcetti decided to go ahead and hold the Los Angeles Marathon. So, I’m not really buying the argument that Donald Trump was slow on the uptake on this one.

Now, let’s ask ourselves what Joe Biden, or Nancy Pelosi, or Andrew Cuomo, or Hillary Clinton would have done differently. I haven’t heard a word of “advice” out of any of them. They seem to be out there with the crickets when it comes to usable advice on how they would have stemmed the tide. Oh, they love to blame Trump, but that’s not really helpful. They love to think he cost Americans thousands of lives. But they don’t offer any tips on what should have been done differently. They say he acted too slow, but their actions didn’t show it. I mean, if Trump should have shut down the country earlier than he did, why did Pelosi want everyone to go to Chinatown? She won’t answer that question by the way. I’ve emailed her staff and asked.

The only real criticism I have for Donald Trump in all of this, well, there are two. First of all, his daily briefings were long and laboriously boring. It got to the point where I said here on this blog it would cost him approval rating, and it did. It’s only now starting to climb back up. And the real criticism I have is, never in the history of humanity have we quarantined the healthy as well as the sick. We always have quarantined the sick. Why didn’t we do that this time? Did we really need to shut down the country, or just isolate those that had the virus in the first place? I’ve never heard a really good answer on this point, but frankly it would have solidified the Democrats position if they actually had asked this question.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

2 thoughts on “Who Will Get The Blame?

  1. I still say that, besides China of course, it was “politics” that made this so bad. Just one more item the Democrat Left could try to blame on Trump. I suspect though, that when all is said and done the death toll percentage will be very similar to that of a very bad year of the flu.

    It’s those governor’s who stuck infected people back into the nursing homes who are the ones who are responsible for a large percentage of those deaths and now we find out that Andrew Cuomo granted those nursing home executives immunity from law suits after receiving some very large campaign contributions! Hmmm! Just follow the money!

    So you tell me who’s to blame….It all starts with politics, even the fact that China wanted to keep it a secret! It was a political move to protect their own assets!

    For GOD and Country! (what’s left of it!)


    1. I’m not sure I would actually “blame” Democrats for the Coronavirus. They certainly have tried to slow down the whole healing process, and haven’t made very good decisions once we were in the crisis…taking the Rahm Emanuel approach of never wasting a crisis. But I don’t believe they started it… just that they used it to the best of their advantage. I will probably always believe China is the real culprit…whether or not it was done intentionally or accidentally is open to discussion, but they most certainly are the ones that started it, and should get the blame for it.


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