Fixing The Twitter Problem

Donald Trump has a problem. He’s gotten himself into a box over his feud with Twitter and their CEO, Jack Dorsey. Trump has used Twitter as his bully-pulpit ever since he got to the White House because he doesn’t trust the left-wing, mainstream snowflake media. They’ve been biased against him from the moment he won the election. And they haven’t let up. So, to get around them, Trump decided to use Twitter where he can have millions of followers, and get his message out to them, uncensored, and uncommented on by the mainstream press.

But it hasn’t worked.

Twitter has started putting labels on Trump’s tweets, and “fact-checking” them. Now, most everyone that knows Donald Trump knows that most of his tweets aren’t necessarily facts, they are his opinions, and he has a ton of them. Not all of them can be “fact-checked” because how do you check an opinion? There’s the rub.

Twitter is an extremely liberal company, and their chief “fact-checker” is a dyed-in-the-wool socialist. So, the odds of Donald Trump getting a fair shake from them isn’t probably going to happen. But Trump’s response of trying to use executive orders to void Section 230 of the Telecommunications Bill of 1996 is wrong. It’s an abuse of his power and he shouldn’t be doing it.

Here’s what he should do instead.

Let’s look at another liberal company. Everybody familiar with AARP? The American Association of Retired People? They say they are a lobbying group looking out for senior citizens. Actually, they’re an insurance group that sells gap insurance to seniors. Oh, they cloak it by doing other things along the way, but make no mistake, they’re as liberal as they come! How do you deal with AARP if you’re a conservative? Up until a few years back, you just didn’t subscribe to their little club.

But along came another group called AMAC. This is pretty much the same thing as AARP except they are conservative. They are where you go if you’re retired, and want a conservative side presented. And that is exactly what Donald Trump should be pushing for.

He needs to start a “conservative Twitter”. He needs to let the marketplace decide. If you offered the people on Twitter the ability to go to a much less biased site, where they could enjoy their own messages without the fear of being censored, you would have a winner. And I just bet that there would be a market for it and someone would make a billion dollars doing it. All the while, Twitter would be losing probably 40-45% of their members because they’re not happy with the way Twitter handles things.

Does it divide the country? Yup. But it allows the free market, not the federal government to solve the problem. It does solve the problem without additional regulations (I’m not a regulations guy), and it allows people of a conservative or Christian bent to get on board and let their views be heard without the fear of reprisals from idiot leftists.

There you go Donald Trump. No court cases to fight, no extra fights with Congress over whether you have the right to impose sanctions or restrictions on a publicly held company. It’s easy. You let the marketplace decide. And if Twitter is in the right, they’ll succeed. And if they’re in the wrong, they won’t. And you are doing what you’ve always done…supporting business. THAT is the way to handle this problem!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Fixing The Twitter Problem

  1. I really like the idea of an alternative provider site, and wouldn’t it be awesome if it was started by the Trump kid’s? But the truth is there are several alternative conservative social media sites already out there that haven’t quite captured the enthusiasm necessary to compete with the giants. Just do a Google search for a conservative alternative to Twitter or Facebook and you’ll see the names of several sites that you probably never heard of or even knew existed. And even IF those alternative sites were to achieve some sort of popularity, don’t they still live on the backs of the internet providers? I’m not so sure that their content couldn’t be censored or shadow-banned by big brother either?

    I understand what you’re trying to say but I don’t necessarily think that the comparison between AARP and AMAC is a fair comparison to social media because you have to pay a membership fee to take advantage of what those organizations offer.

    Lastly, rather than actually “Fixing The Twitter Problem” you seem to have simply moved the target by not focusing on the initial problem, which is the fact that these social media sites are in violation of the immunity they received from the Communication Decency Act! That’s the solution I was really hoping for which, understandably, is not an easy solution. It’s a lot more involved than simply revising the legislation to fix the problem. There’s money and politics involved and whenever they’re included in a solution, don’t expect anything to change anytime soon.

    Just my opinion!

    For GOD and Country!


      1. I agree. The government most often fails at fixing any problem but more frustrating is that instead of eliminating the bad regulations they simply add another bad regulation attempting to fix it!

        These last few months have affected me in ways I can’t really explain except to say I’m totally disgusted with it all. If it’s not the virus, it’s the general shut down for 10 weeks, then as things just begin to open up we get the police brutality, then the riots, then the curfews! When does it end? One bad event on top of another!

        All I see is a slow drip-drip-drip decline of a once great nation. The minorities will never lift themselves out of poverty as long as Uncle Sam keeps giving them things and as long as the education system keeps teaching them lies. Sad to say but the good guys are losing and if somebody doesn’t get a handle on it very soon, you’re going to see more than just business districts getting burned down and broken into! They’ll be coming to your neighborhood next and that’s when shots will be fired!

        All I can say is, thank GOD we don’t live forever.

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