The “George Floyd” Riots

I have a major problem with what’s going on around the country, and I think I have to point a finger at the media for taking part. I’m talking about the nightly riots going on in major cities over the death of George Floyd, the black man that was killed by police in Minneapolis last week.

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. There isn’t a responsible person in the country that hasn’t condemned the action. Anybody that has seen the video knows that the cop that kept his knee on Floyd’s throat long enough to asphyxiate him was totally in the wrong. So were the cops that stood by and did nothing as Floyd told the officer he couldn’t breathe. So, let’s all understand, this isn’t a societal race thing. ALL of America was appalled, and was condemning this cop’s actions.

But almost importantly is the riots the followed. Can anybody tell me that when a black man or woman is murdered there are riots everywhere. There is looting, burning of cars, of businesses, of houses, there is this mentality that they are going to destroy stuff. Now, you don’t see that happen when a black person kills a white person. When that happens, you don’t see people running into the street setting stuff on fire and looting! So, why is it that when it happens to a black person, they want to enrich their lives with a new 70 inch flat screen TV that they’ve just boosted from a local business. Why is it that they want to set someone’s car on fire. Someone that probably feels exactly the same way they do?

And what’s going to happen to these people when they get arrested? They’re going to get put in jail for the night, charged with violating a curfew or reckless endangerment of some sort, and they’re going to pay a fine and released. What would happen if someone came to your house and set it on fire. Or they decided to burn your car? Would they get a slap on the wrist? I doubt it.

And, let’s put the shoe on the other foot. What would happen if you happened to be driving through a black neighborhood and your car was stolen. Do you think that people would go to that neighborhood and loot and burn? Of course not! So, why in the world is there this need to destroy?

I know the answer. The answer is, it’s been a long-standing use of white oppression against blacks. They’re still reliving the slavery thing. And folks, that was 160 years ago. I understand there has been racism in this country and probably still is to some degree. But burning and looting isn’t going to solve it. You can’t legislate racism away, and you certainly can loot it away either. If anything you enflame it. Nothing positive comes from what’s happening at night. And it’s beginning to outweigh the actual crime that caused all of this in the first place. In fact, there have been more deaths of blacks in the riots that followed Floyd’s death than Floyd’s death.

I read an op-ed the other day that was written by a black person who said, “This is how we deal with injustice.” I think there has to be some changes to mentality on both sides of the coin. Yes, racism may still exist in some people, and that’s certainly got to change. But trying to get white’s attention by burning down a black neighborhood is just stupid. It’s not even close to being an acceptable way to deal with injustice, and yes, there was injustice in Floyd’s death. But to ruin peoples’ lives that had nothing to do with it is just ignorant and stupid. And it’s not going to accomplish anything. If anything, it’s going to make the racist people MORE racist, which incites MORE violence and riots, and it becomes a vicious circle.

So, how do we deal with the riots? I have no idea. I know it’s not accomplishing anything that wasn’t accomplished by that video. If anything, it’s turning more and more people against blacks in this country and that’s the farthest thing from what we need to have happen!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

10 thoughts on “The “George Floyd” Riots

  1. When you point the finger at the media for taking part in the riots, make certain that it’s not the same finger that appears so often in the evening reports. I am getting tired of flipping the channel out of necessity because someone is flipping off on the screen.

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      1. Yes…I have. It’s very irresponsible of the media to actually include that sort of thing, especially during the dinner hour when the little ones may be around. Thank God all my kids are grown! And they usually don’t subject their kids to the news!

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  2. What gets me is the wall-to-wall violent coverage of what they insist is a mostly peaceful protest. Of course, these images of people packed shoulder to shoulder in the streets follows three months of being lectured about the virtues of staying inside in order to save our older relatives.

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  3. Let’s not place all the blame on the media. Sure, they’re feeding fuel to the fire attempting to increase their own ratings, but the first place I’d place the blame would be on those who are rioting!?!? One of the problems is the more coverage the rioters get from the media the more they riot because it pushes their agenda.

    I try not to see the World in black or white and too judge my fellow man by the content of their character and not the color of their skin but why is it African American’s are the only ethnic group that hasn’t been able to raise itself out of poverty? I’ve know and worked with people who came to this country not even able to speak our language who have risen to college graduates and very successful engineers and entrepreneurs.

    When you see video after video of young Black men sneaking up behind some poor old person too punch and knock them out, just for kicks, do you wonder why some people cross the street when they see a Black man coming?

    They talk about White Privilege but they have actually received thru affirmative action more advantages as a minority than the white kids! Just the other day I heard a story about a young white kid trying to get into medical school. He was required to have a higher MCAT score and grade point average than the minority applicants just because he was white!

    This situation will not change until the young Black youths are raised in families with fathers who will administer tough-love, and when the government learns the difference between a hand-out and hand-up, not to mention learning the true history of the Democrat party, slavery, Jim Crow and the KKK.

    Of course I’m not painting a picture that all African American’s are alike, but isn’t it unfortunate that those who have risen out of poverty are considered Uncle Tom’s by their own race?

    Just my opinion.
    For GOD and Country!

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  4. I really don’t know where this is all going to end. It is a terrible thing. I’m glad the woman took the vwhoideo so we know what happened to the black man but the rioting mentality is totally senseless – I couldn’t agree more with you. And the politicians who are jumping on the bandwagon are also horrible. They should be working together to calm things down rather than stir them up. Did you hear that Joe Biden and all the rest of you?” ‘t


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