Are We Beating COVID-19?

My short answer would appear to be no. At least where I live. It may be different where you are. I noticed that early Monday morning, I saw that New York was ready to go to Phase 2 of their re-opening. That was really pretty impressive. Here in Arizona, we’re still in Phase 1 and have been for over a month now. The reason? We’re setting daily records for people being infected with Coronavirus.

And I know who to blame.

It’s not the old farts. People 65 and older with an additional health concern are actually in the third of four categories for getting sick. It’s the people 20-44 that are leading the way, by far. And why? They feel, at least here in the desert, that it’s an “old people’s disease”, and that they are pretty much immune from it.

They’re not.

Hospitalizations of that age group are way up. Deaths in that age group aren’t quite as bad. Still, the 65-+ group is leading the way, but it’s the lack of mask-wearing and social distancing that is concerning me. Now, I know that bucks the national trend. It’s typically conservatives that don’t wear masks, and liberals who want the world to believe Trump was so slow on the uptake with this that we will never get rid of it, that wear their masks in the shower. But where I live, we have to be vigilant. I’m amazed at the “libertarians” and “liberals” that don’t wear their masks here.

Why don’t they? Stupid reasons really. They don’t like to breathe through the masks. They claim it fogs up their glasses (it does). I heard one radio guy tell me he doesn’t wear a mask because it’s his choice, and we live in a country of choice. Uh, what about others you could be infecting? That’s the problem I have with the libertarians on this one. They seem to only care about themselves, not those they are around.

I know we have been cooped up for what seems like years and that we want to get back to normal. God knows our economy needs us to get back to normal, but according to the figures I just saw from my county, we are nowhere near normal. And the Governor here just issued a statement last week saying now that businesses need to be very strict on policing who is and isn’t wearing a mask in their establishment. That’s because even though he claims testing is up, and that’s the reason for the increase in cases, the percentage of those tests coming back positive is also up.

Coronavirus is with us, and it looks like it will be for the foreseeable future. I know there are a lot of folks that plan to travel over the summer, and my wife and I usually include ourselves in that group. We can’t this year. We’ve already decided that the summer road trip is out. And we’re wondering about having the whole family come in for Thanksgiving like we always do. That decision is still a couple months away, but I’m not in favor of it right now.

And this moving to Phase 2 in two weeks? That was a pipe dream here in the scrub brush and tumbleweeds!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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