The Left Moves To Do Away With FDR

Well, they haven’t…yet. But they ARE moving in that direction. In Portland, Oregon, leftist wacko’s have beheaded a statue of the Father Of Our Country, draped it in an American flag, and lit the flag on fire. Calling George Washington “a rich white supremacist, bigot, and slave owner”.

If that’s true, they have a lot of explaining to do!

Let’s take a look at arguably two of the most influential progressives in our country’s history. Let’s look at Woodrow Wilson, the father of modern progressivism, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the father of modern American socialism.

Wilson, a rich, white supremacist, was a notorious bigot and racist, and was constantly looking to increase and expand segregation. Yet, I don’t see these leftist snowflakes trying to destroy any statue of Wilson’s?

Let’s look at another rich, white supremacist racist bigot in Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The only four-term president in our nation’s history, and the father of modern socialism in America was also notorious in his bigotry. After all, wasn’t it Roosevelt that incarcerated some 112,000 Japanese-Americans, citizens of THIS country back in World War II? Yet, I seem to recall some 23 years ago or so, we actually put a statue of Roosevelt, in his wheelchair on the Mall in Washington, DC. How does such a bigoted socialist, a wealthy white supremacist, get a statue on the Mall in DC, by jailing in concentration camps, over 100,000 American citizens?

Yet, these Antifa-styled groups want to glorify Vladimir Lenin, the father of Communism, and the man responsible for upwards of 15 million deaths in Russia and the Soviet Union in the early 1900s. Does that mean that killing those that disagree with you is an ok thing? If so, does that mean that here in this country, we can go out and kill liberal snowflakes that take over parts of a city? I would hope not!

The idiots on the left, and I’m including their leadership in positions of power, at the city, state, and yes, the national level have jumped on the bandwagon of these rioters and looters. Oh, these people think it’s just a protest. They think it’s just “a summer of love” as Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkin said. Of course, now that there’s been a shooting in CHOP, she’s turned against that summer of love thing, and is insistent that the police re-enter that area and take back their precinct that she ordered them to abandon just two weeks ago. What happened to the summer of love?

What happened to the CHOP and CHAZ areas that were supposed to be anarchist zones? Why was it that when those people needed something, they called outside their zone to truck in the necessities. And why was it that when they had a shooting, the first thing they did was call 911, the very police that they wanted to ban from the area?

No, people like Nancy Pelosi, Jenny Durkin, Jay Inslee, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden have no place in politics. They are all traitors to this country for back insurrections such as what we’ve been seeing go on in this country’s cities over the past two weeks. It’s time America wakes up and removes them from office!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

14 thoughts on “The Left Moves To Do Away With FDR

  1. Let’s be clear and honest with ourselves…these riots have nothing to do with racism or white supremacy, these rioters are radical soldiers being produced by their Leftist leaders. This is nothing less than your typical political revolution attempting to take over the country’s power structure.

    If they did it peacefully it would simply be a peaceful protest, but these rioters are enemy combatants fighting a revolutionary war. These Black Lives Matter and Antifa leaders are the Che Guevara’s of our time. They are the enemy and need to be treated as such and extinguished immediately.

    I can’t believe our government has let them get this far!?!?! It’s up to the Republican’s to stop it because we know it’s the Democrat governor’s and mayor’s who are encouraging and allowing this to happen in their city’s.

    As we use to say in the military, “Better dead than Red”. We American’s can’t allow this to go any farther.

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    1. WOW! T, I don’t believe I have EVER heard it put more clearly, more succinctly, and more straight forward than you just did. You are absolutely correct. This IS a war. Like the Islamic invasion we had a few years ago, except this is a home brewed version, designed to take and tear the country down so that it can be rebuilt into a socialistic/communist utopia. And if we let it happen, WE are the ones to blame. Thank you very much for your comments!!!


      1. Recent interview with Sean Hannity. However, I don’t believe it will happen. I think Trump was trying to wake up and engage the masses. I have never heard of him ever giving up, giving in or conceding defeat at anything.

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