There’s ANOTHER Reform Needed

You’ve probably been blasted with all of the news on how we need to reform our police departments. We’ve been told that we NEED to do that since it looks like the only people that have been getting killed by white cops are black men. Actually, that’s not true. Actually, there are far more (like double) white men killed by white cops than black men killed by white cops. And no one is talking about the killing of black men by black cops. Wonder why?

The Senate tried to pass a police reform bill this week. It had about 80% of the stuff Democrats wanted. But rather than pass 80% now and get whatever else you wanted later, Democrats felt they’d rather have the issue during the election than give the Republicans the chance to tout that they actually passed a law helping blacks. Then the very next day, Democrats in the House passed another bill that has zero chance of being passed in the Senate because it was way too liberal. Pelosi said she wasn’t going to negotiate on this one. It was take it or leave it.

Well, I don’t argue the point that some police killings are unwarranted. But I think if you’re going to reform police departments and what they can and cannot do, you also have to reform another segment of our society that has gone unscathed.

I’m talking about the media.

Media reform is something that’s been long overdue. The press have been given certain freedoms in this country so that they could report on abuses of power in government, and in society, and do so without fear of retribution from the government. That’s all well and good. But the problem comes in when the media is so biased that they actually slant the news, and in some very damning cases against them, actually make up the stories that they report. Nothing is ever done to them. They have lied to the American public. They have distorted facts for years on what has happened in the District of Columbia. And they’ve gotten away with it. That needs to stop.

So, I’m proposing the following “reform”. Media outlets that skew the news in one direction or the other (both sides have done this, but it is more prevalent on the left), immediately lose their “freedom of the press” protection. If they slant the news one way rather than just report the facts, they are no longer protected and government or businesses can go after them. They could no longer hide behind First Amendment rights.

Secondly, if media actually makes up a story, fabricates facts and distorts the truth that they are trusted to uphold, they are to be shut down. It’s a “one strike and you’re out” case. Now, in this situation, you have to be able to prove that it wasn’t just a mistake. Those mistakes DO happen in media, and they are innocent of trying to be totally bogus. I’m talking here about the myriad number of stories we’ve seen on-air and in print where the story was made up by the “journalist” that was reporting it, just to get a point across. None of the story or the facts were actually true. If they violate this, it’s a certain death penalty. They cannot start back up again under a different name, and the owner of the guilty medium is banned from being involved in media again, as is the “journalist” that wrote or reported the story.

No one wants media to be saddled with additional sanctions. I don’t either. But we all want media to be fair and honest. And in this day and age, we’re not getting that. They have to be slapped in the face and told that if they are going to distort, lie, cheat, and fabricate their stories, there is a price to pay. Just having 15% approval rating from the public isn’t enough. You lose big, you go home, and you’re not able to start again.

Only then will you get a media that is fair, balanced, and honest…just like the Founding Fathers wanted!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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