The 51st State?

On Friday of this week, the House of Representatives voted almost totally Democrat that the 51st state would be Washington, DC, but not all of DC. The White House, the Capitol building, and other federal buildings would remain outside of the actual 51st state, which would be known as Washington-Douglas (after a renowned abolitionist). All of the Democrats save one voted for the bill. All Republicans voted against it.

The bill is pretty much dead on arrival at the Republican-controlled Senate. And Donald Trump has said he would absolutely veto any attempt at statehood for the DC area if it got through the Senate.

Let’s be honest here. The reason that Democrats are looking at DC to become the 51st state is to use it as an election issue, as well as make it a chance to get two extra senators, as well as another representative. It, like everything with the left, is all political. The only reason the House wants to make DC a state as opposed to say, Northern California, which would add two additional conservative senators and at least one more conservative House member.

Overall, the attempt that the Pelosi-led House tried is totally political at a point when we as a nation want to get back to business and attack the problems facing Americans. We need to face issues like dumping Obamacare and returning the individual healthcare to insurance companies that are experts in that industry. We need to look at fixing immigration so that we can have only the people we need coming into this country, not the illegal immigrants that have flooded our southern border.

It’s time once again, as I’ve said dozens of times here on this blog, that both parties, but especially the leftwing snowflake Democrats realize that now is not the time for uber-socialist policies. This is the time for you to compromise. The mere fact that Democrats in the US Senate couldn’t take getting 80% of the police reform bill, but would rather use the defeat of the bill as a campaign issue is very telling. This isn’t a political party that merely has a difference of opinion against their Republican rivals. This is a political party that wants to overthrow the current government and tear down our country and remake the country in the shape of socialist regimes like Cuba, Venezuela, and Guatemala that can’t even keep their own countries afloat.

Without a strong bi-partisan effort to make sure our country is on the right road, the Antifas and socialists of this country will indeed win. They will keep fighting until the right just gives up and goes home. And that’s the point of no return where America becomes a third-rate power. God help us if that ever happens!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

10 thoughts on “The 51st State?

  1. Well first of all, let’s be clear here; the District of Columbia isn’t going to be made a State any time soon or by any simple congressional legislation. It’s going to require an amendment to the Constitution! Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 sets up the District “not exceeding ten Miles square”. My math tells me that the District can be as large as 100 square miles. It’s currently only 68! Unfortunately, that means it still has room to grow (when it really needs to shrink)!

    You have to hand it to those Democrat’s, they’re trying every trick in the book to gain power but I think in the long run they’re committing suicide, which is fine with me! They’re playing both ends against the middle and both winning and losing. On the one hand they’re winning elections with their corruption on getting votes, but on the other, the more elections they win the more they’re leaning Left and people are beginning to see that very clearly.

    A good question to ask, if you could get an honest answer would be, are they gaining more votes with their illegal voting or are they losing more Democrat voters with their far Left agenda’s? I think reasonable thinking American’s want safe border’s, legal and merit based immigration, support their local police and military and not to just destroy our economy with overreaching legislation on climate, all the items the Democrat’s are pushing for. And I think they’re beginning to see that the United States must be self-sufficient with certain aspects of our economy, like medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, not to mention electronic components or items like steel! If we were to ever get into into a world war three who are we going to buy our steel from…..China?

    I think the Dem’s may be winning the battle but are going to lose the war!

    Just my opinion.

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    1. You’ve raised some really good questions, T. I think you are right, but you’re forgetting one thing. The upcoming generations that have a “public school background” have been dumbed down by the NEA (part of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals) to the point where they really don’t know how to think critically. Where you and I are able to think normally, they aren’t. That was always part of the plan. I’ll hand it to the left…they played the long-game on this one, and it appears they may just end up winning it in the long run. No, DC won’t become the 51st state, and it makes no sense to grant it statehood…no state should hold the Federal Government. But it’s just another attempt to lock down the base…remember, 90% of voters in DC are Democrats!


      1. No doubt, you are correct about the dumbed-down Saul Alinsky “public school background” but think about this; while the Republican base is pretty much monolithic in their beliefs, the Democrats are a fractured group that I would describe as either being moderate, your typical old school Democrat from days gone by, to those leaning Left, and those leaning way Far Left!

        I’m fairly certain that all Democrats will not simply vote as one unified block. The question remains whether the individual factions will even vote at all if it’s not their candidate?

        The polls right now are saying Sleepy Joe 30330 is way ahead of Trump which is good because we want the DNC to keep Sleepy Joe as their candidate and we don’t want the Republicans to get too complacent. And don’t forget, we still have the Durham report hiding in the shadows and it will be much closer to the election by the time it’s released.

        By no means is the election a sure thing! Corruption and voter fraud give me great concern.

        Hang on! This is going to be interesting. ( I was going to say “it’s going to be fun”, but if we lose this election there won’t be anything to smile at!)

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      2. Wait a minute?! Are you my brother from another mother? Damn we think alike!!! I agree the Dems have the more fractured party, call it “big tent” or whatever. Gays don’t vote with women’s libbers, who don’t vote with socialists, who don’t vote with mainstream Truman Democrats. But I still think this election isn’t about Joe Biden, any more than the last election was about Donald Trump. Trump got elected because of two things. First, he was MUCH more positive about America (that usually works), and second, if you weren’t voting for Trump, you were probably voting against Hillary. This year, there is a faction out there (NeverTrumpers?) that are going to vote for Biden, not because he’s qualified or the best candidate, but because they don’t like Trump. Look at the Bush clan. Look at RINO Romney. It’s not that they think Biden is great…they have a disdain for the president. Gotta add that to your list of Corruption and voter fraud!


    1. Of course, but the mere fact that the Democrats know that as well, and still wanted to go through and waste taxpayer money (and their time), when they could be doing something actually meaningful is the real story here!


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