Transforming America

Over the weekend, Joe Biden sent out a tweet that basically said if he were elected, he could bring the country together, and “transform America”. I’m hoping that sent shivers down your spine like it did mine.

The last time a politician on the national scene said that they were going to “systematically transform our government” was back in 2008 when Bobo Obama was running for the White House. We learned later (and those of us that actually knew he was a socialist knew then) that he was talking about taking the country far to the left of either George W. Bush or Bill Clinton.

And that is what has me worried about Biden.

What we are seeing with the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots across the country, and with the destruction of our past presidents’ statues in many places is just the beginning. It is a transformational change taking shape. These socialists are trying to destroy America. They are trying to tear down the institutions of our government so that they can rebuild it in a more socialistic, far more left-wing government that you and I won’t even recognize. Gone will be the Declaration of Independence. Gone will be the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Gone will be the Supreme Court and the system of “checks and balances”. You won’t begin to recognize America any longer.

And the people in power in Washington, DC are letting it happen. People like Pelosi, and Schumer, and Schiff, and Nadler are kowtowing to these groups without realizing they are the ones that are going to be led to slaughter. They will not only lose their jobs in the process, but they will also most likely lose their lives. And Joe Biden is included in that group. Because very few people sitting in either house of the Capitol building right now are in lock-step with these people. And even fewer will survive.

It’s time America wakes up and realizes that what is happening today on the streets of our cities is a revolution. It’s the second American revolution. Only this one is a quiet revolution. There will be no Breeds’ Hill. There will be no Ft. McHenry. There will be no midnight ride of Paul Revere. There will be riots and acquiescence to the leftist racists that are hell-bent on taking over our country. And if we continue to watch it unfold on TV and not take part in quelling the riots, we will get what we deserve.

No, my friends, the second American revolution is well underway. If you love your country as it was, you need to fight what’s happening. If you don’t, the country you love will be no more.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

11 thoughts on “Transforming America

  1. As sad and scary as this all is, I don’t see Trump helping the issue or himself! I didn’t think I would ever say this out loud but Trump needs to stop antagonizing over certain issues like like Bubba Wallace and NASCAR, and concentrate on the real issues like terrorist organizations tearing our Country apart!

    Concentrate on Patriotism, Black’s killing Black children, destruction of public property, the failure of Democratic run cities and the defunding of the police. Leave the petty distractions alone.

    America will see what’s going on when the NFL re-emerges on national TV. What will American’s think when they see the Black athletes standing for “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and kneel when they play the Star Spangled Banner?

    Give them enough rope and they will…. (Oh, can I say that?)

    The Country is truly at a cross-roads but where are the Republican’s? Trump is being criticized for everything he says all the while the Republican’s are silent.

    Lock and load my friends. It’s coming!

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you assessment of Trump’s campaign anymore. He gets a HUGE opportunity to distance himself from Biden, he has one of the best speeches he’s ever given at Mt. Rushmore, and then a day later, he steps on his male member with the Bubba Wallace comment. He is his own worst enemy. But, I am thinking that there may be something else going on here. Something is telling me in my gut that Trump is tired of the crap and wants to go back to running his Trump empire. Could he be throwing this on purpose??? Just sayin’.


      1. Yeah, and who would blame him? The guy has been in the cross-hairs ever since he announced his candidacy! He’s got, the Democrats, the media, and even members of his own party against him!

        Two things could be happening here; he could be allowing all this destruction and mayhem to go on so that American’s can see what a Democratic run country would look like, or as you say, he could be fed-up with the bull and constant opposition and simply concede that you get the government that you deserve.

        We know that Trump’s a fighter and likes punching back, but sometimes you just have to admit you’ve lost the battle! I hope not because the only thing standing between Freedom and Anarchy, is Trump!

        Life would be so much sweeter in Mar-a-Lago but would the Left even leave him alone down there?

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    2. Yes, why does he jump into these mud holes all the time ?NASCAR nonsense, Fort Bragg nonsense.It’s hard for people that don’t like him to like him even a little bit. These issues you describe muddy the bigger picture.

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  2. I really don’t believe the polls showing Biden’s large leads. Those Trump rally’s show apparent but also hidden support. Millions of people are fearful , fed up and even enraged with all the lawlessness and the America hate and the impotency of democrats to deal with it or even recognize the problems exist. There has to be a huge backlash waiting to explode over these outrages. But Hannity and other FOX journalists have been telling us for two years how all the indictments are about to break re the impeachment crimes and conspirators but we are still waiting. The indictments had better start cascading soon.

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