Reopening Our Schools?

It looks like the big debate starting up for the rest of the summer is whether or not our schools should be reopened come this fall. Donald Trump and a lot of the folks on the pandemic team think it’s important for the kids to be educated in a public environment, away from computers and such. Yet the NEA, and some liberal teachers, as well as those on the left think it’s not the thing to do. They’d prefer to keep schools closed.

Of course, the right argues that the left is trying to keep the country shut down to take the election away from Trump this fall. That’s an issue that they can use to inject fear into the public, and they are using it to beat the band.

Harvard has said that ALL of its classes this year will be held online. They are part of the Ivy League which has canceled it’s fall AND winter sports schedules for this year. But Harvard is going to charge you the same amount of money to take classes online as if you were on campus going to a lecture hall. Somehow, that doesn’t seem right, especially since Harvard has the largest endowment fund in the world. If anybody could afford to take a hit right now in the education realm, it would seem to me it should be Harvard. And didn’t they apply for federal relief funds during the first stimulus? Hmmm….

What I find funny is a lot of NCAA schools are actually going to go forward with their football programs this fall. They may be playing to empty stadiums, but they’ll be there, primarily because Americans want to have sports!

Several years ago, while doing some broadcasting for the University of Toledo football team, I had the pleasure of meeting former Notre Dame and South Carolina football coach, Lou Holtz, who was doing color for an ESPN game. He impressed me as a terrific person with his head screwed on straight.

Holtz is the guy that came out and said that you make choices in life and those choices have consequences. If you wonder why someone is successful, it’s because they made good choices. If you wonder why someone isn’t successful, it’s because they made bad choices. He hit the nail on the head. Holtz recently came out and wondered how it was that we can have football this fall if we can’t even have kids on campus! How true.

Look, I know Donald Trump wants to get back to normal as quickly as possible. I know he wants to at least get by November, get reelected, and then deal with all the crap hitting the fan. But he’s wrong on one issue. Education has and always will be a LOCAL issue. School boards around the country will decide whether or not to open schools, not Donald Trump. It’s the same argument he lost when he said HE was the one to decide when states would reopen. No, it was the Governors of those states that would decide!

Should schools reopen? My grandkids want them reopened. My kids want them reopened. But nobody wants to see out kids and grandkids get sick. If it’s done right, I’m sure it would work. But getting 131,000 school districts to get it right is an impossible feat. Someone somewhere is going to screw it up. We just have to be ready for that. But like our economy, we can’t put the education of our kids at risk. It’s too important.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Reopening Our Schools?

  1. Yeah you’re right that school boards are LOCAL, but who controls the school boards? It’s the teacher’s union! And as long as the Unions support the Democrats, there will be a push-back to reopening because, as you say, they think it’s an advantage in the upcoming election.

    The next fight I’m looking for is whether or not, once they do get back to school, will they eliminate next years summer recess in order to catch-up with all the time they are currently losing? I doubt it! God forbid making teachers work an entire year like the rest of us working stiffs!!!!

    The truth is, many kid’s aren’t even signing-in on their computers to do their daily on-line courses. And I don’t hear any urgency from the intercity schools to get back in session either? Why bother bringing kids into the classroom to indoctrinate them when you can simply keep them at home and keep them fat, dumb and stupid?

    What a great country!

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    1. Well, first of all, school boards actually answer to the voters who elected them. They may kow-tow to the unions, but they have to answer to the voters. As far as summer recess…I’m sure there will be one. Teachers will bitch big time. I know a LOT of teachers that have secondary jobs in the summer (one of my first summer jobs was building swimming pools for one!). I don’t know who’s kids aren’t logging in…my grandkids were (they aren’t any more because they basically ARE on summer break right now!). But I get your point!


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