Trump Scores Big Primary Wins

While Donald Trump languishes in national polls, as well as battleground state polls around the country…just as he did four years ago against Hillary Clinton, it’s becoming obvious there is something afoot in these polls.

Somebody is lying!

Either it’s the polling companies that aren’t weighting the responses correctly, or the respondents are lying to the polling companies when they answer the question, “Who are you voting for?”

Donald Trump-backed candidates scored a couple of rather impressive wins in primaries Tuesday night in fights that could have gone either way. In the very red state of Alabama, former Senator and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions lost in his bid to reclaim his Senate seat by losing in a primary to former Auburn football coach, Tommy Tuberville. Tuberville becomes the odds on favorite to flip the seat currently held by freshman, Doug Jones.

Trump has campaigned hard and long against Sessions ever since he recused himself in the whole Mueller investigation/Russian collusion story because Sessions believed since he was involved in the Trump campaign, it was the right thing to do.

In the end, Sessions lost out on a fourth and long.

Meanwhile in Texas, Dr. Ronny Jackson, who was the former White House doctor, and had Trump’s support beat out challenger, Josh Winegarner, for a House seat being vacated by Mac Thornberry, who decided not to run. Thornberry had thrown his support to Winegarner.

What that shows is that Trump’s base is indeed strong in two traditionally red states, something the battleground polls would have you believe is faltering.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, we’re seeing more and more races, especially for the US Senate seats where mainstream Democrats are having an increasingly hard time beating underfunded, underqualified uber-leftist socialist candidates.

In Texas, MJ Hegar, the mainstream candidate narrowly held off a challenge from Royce West, who wasn’t backed by anyone except the uber-snowflakes. Hegar now faces John Cornyn come November in what should prove to be an uphill battle.

Meanwhile, back in Kentucky in June, Amy McGrath, who was the establishment’s candidate won, but just barely against a snowflake socialist. And in Maine, where the Democrats are really looking to take a seat, mainstream candidate Sara Gideon will move on to take on Susan Collins this November. Collins is seeking her fifth term and is trailing Gideon in the polls on that one. Collins, as you’ll recall has not been much of a supporter of Donald Trump. And it’s doubtful he’ll help her come the general election.

IF (and it’s a big if) the Democrats are split this fall in elections, and can’t get their base out…both sides of their base…as was shown in these primaries, it’s going to be very difficult for them to maintain the House, take back the Senate, and possibly win the White House. Especially if Trump is having the impact on the primaries that he’s having! It also doesn’t help matters for Joe Biden that he’s basically threatening the way of life for people in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio by moving past coal and into more “sustainable” energy forms, as is part of the Bernie Sanders’ agenda.

If Trump can be the Donald Trump we saw in 2016, and not be the ego-maniac we’ve been seeing most of this spring and summer, he should have a clear shot at winning. If, however, we’re seeing the best of Trump now…well…get ready for new curtains at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Trump Scores Big Primary Wins

  1. Regarding the polls, there are several factors changing things here in Texas:

    1. The majority of Texas households have caller id. If a “unavailable” or “Democrat pollster” or “National Republican Congressional Committee begging for money” or “Judge Lina Hidalgo re-election committee” appears, we ain’t gonna answer it. No way.

    2. There is always the fear that, if we do answer the poll and tell the truth, the pollster will do what Democrat U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro did — he doxxed those who he disagreed with.

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    1. And that is exactly why in places like Pennsylvania, even though Joe Biden is leading, Trump’s internals show him up! I think there will probably be another “Democrat surprise” on election night IF Trump can stay presidential and not stoop to the gutter depravity he’s been known to show every once in a while. Let’s hope Bill Stepien is going to help him with that!!!

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