Trump’s Rose Garden Snafu

I didn’t want to write this one until I thought about it a little longer. My wife and I sat in our Arizona room watching Donald Trump at his “press conference” the other day… you know, the one he held in the Rose Garden?

My wife turned to me after about 15 minutes of the 53-minute diatribe and said, “Some press conference. Sounds more like a campaign rally”. And it was.

Donald Trump once again stepped in it big time on Tuesday when he held his “press conference”. And he did so for a number of reasons.

First of all, he is the President of the United States. That means that by default, he is on a higher platform than Joe Biden or anyone else that wants to take his job from him. He has a huge megaphone. He has all of the media in the country clamoring (albeit not willingly) to hang on his every word. And when he speaks, it carries more weight than any other person in the country. That’s including Chuck Schumer, that’s including Nancy Pelosi, and that’s including Joe Biden. He doesn’t realize that.

If Trump were going to hold a campaign-style event, the Rose Garden is totally the wrong place to do it. The Rose Garden is reserved for special events. It has historical importance at the White House. And whoever let Trump decide to go ahead and squash that importance should have been fired…and may have been. Brad Parscale, Trump’s campaign manager was demoted the day after it occurred.

There is not a reason in the world why Donald Trump shouldn’t be acting presidential at this point in time. And yes, for him to run the same campaign as he ran in 2016 is wrong. He IS the President. He DOES carry more weight. People DO listen more to what he has to say. And he’s running like he ran against Hillary Clinton.

You want to know why he’s down double-digits in the polls? Well, there are three reasons. The first two I think I covered yesterday. First of all, the polling companies are basically liberal and have twice as many Democrats as Republicans in some of their weighting models. Second, Trump voters are more apt to tell pollsters that they’re going to vote for Biden and out and out lie to them (I know I have). But third, Trump is not acting like most people expect him to act. He’s acting like the host of The Apprentice, not like the most powerful man in the world.

For Donald Trump to win, he needs to realize (and he doesn’t) that the campaign-style that won him the White House four years ago is not the campaign-style that he needs to employ this time around. Incumbent presidents typically have a major advantage in that they have a great big bully pulpit. They have a huge war chest. They usually have decent numbers. And they need to act more above the fray than their opponents. That doesn’t mean they can’t attack their opponents. It means you do it at the right time and the right place. The Rose Garden at a “press conference” is neither of those things.

May Trump’s new campaign manager, Bill Stepien can straighten him out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Rose Garden Snafu

  1. I say, “Who cares?” If he wants to turn a Rose Garden event into a campaign event, so be it!
    Everybody needs to stop comparing what Trump does to what other presidents did, or how they’re suppose to act!

    First of all, things aren’t what they’re suppose to be. The TV and News media isn’t suppose to be the campaign managers for the DNC, and the Democratic Party isn’t suppose to be a prosecutorial branch against the RNC. Never has a president’s opponent hidden in his basement while everybody else does his bidding for him. Never in history has a president faced such opposition from the very first minute he announced his candidacy to every damn day there after.

    This is suppose to be the season to campaign but nobody can find Joe Biden? There’s a good chance you won’t even see him at the Democrat National Convention…if there even is one?

    Politics isn’t a gentlemen’s sport, it’s a blood sport. Everything seems to be fair-game. After all, when you’re fighting to become the most powerful person in the world, all gloves are off, and even their masks have come off as well. The Dem’s have become so brazen that they no longer only talk behind closed doors. They openly and proudly denounce every aspect of this great nation without a hint of reluctance.

    You can no longer compare the political environment of today to how things use to be. We haven’t been in a fight for our freedoms this severe since the Revolution. So I say let’r rip! Any time, any place. If Trump doesn’t blow his own horn Chuck Todd or Don Lemon ain’t gonna do it for him!

    Just my humble opinion.

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