Are You Ready For The Second Shutdown?

No. You’re not.

We haven’t fully re-opened from the first shutdown that started some four months ago, and the folks in California are now basically shutting down from Coronavirus again. And the public doesn’t like it.

Here in the AZ, where we were one of the fastest-growing states to have COVID-19 spreading, at over 3,500 cases a day, we’ve now peaked, and Governor Doug Ducey announced Thursday afternoon at a press conference that Arizona now is one of the few states that is declining in all areas. That’s not the same in California.

And it gives rise to something I saw on YouTube the other day. One YouTuber said that he felt that California was getting ready to flip to a red state just because of the Coronavirus. Well, that and the fact that they’ve had a couple of special elections over the past month or so, and both were Democrat seats that flipped to Republicans. He also mentioned that Gavin Newsome, their Governor, is screwing up this whole pandemic thing to the point that Californians are starting to believe they are in an internment camp, not the golden state.

Basically, Newsome ordered ll indoor activities to cease for the foreseeable future. That’s because they’ve had a monumental rise in cases there. Partly because of that, schools in San Diego and Los Angeles are getting ready to do another term of school, and possibly the whole year, online. No in-school for you!

The mood in Cali is rather gruesome at the moment. People are turning on each other, and the Antifa-style riots and looting that permeate the great northwestern states of Washington and Oregon are hitting California as well.

It seems that this virus is going to be with us for the near future. Maybe as long as a year. As states decide to re-open, we see this spike in cases. Then the various governors come in and shut down dining in restaurants, closing bars, and gyms, and the like, and the virus starts going away.

I really am beginning to believe that the only way you can beat this thing is that you shelter in place until it’s dead and gone, and then you don’t let anyone into your state that doesn’t already live there unless they are willing to be quarantined like in New York, for two weeks!

Either way, eventually, at some point in time, we will most likely get back to normal. If not, our lives are going to be hugely different from here on out!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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