Eating Their Young (or old)

There’s one thing I know for sure about liberalism. It always moves farther and farther to the left until it implodes. It’s like a huge dying star that collapses down on itself. It’s as if the laws of nature have decided that this particular way of thinking is so bad, it cannot continue to exist, and so it consumes itself.

Ted Wheeler, the Mayor of Portland, Oregon found that out the hard way Wednesday night.

You know Wheeler as the guy that has been lambasting Donald Trump for sending federal agencies into the Rose City to protect the federal buildings there. They’ve been having riots there every night for the past two months, and Wheeler has done little if anything to stop it. So, fearing that the federal buildings would be torn down or burned, Trump had his federal agents disperse crowds around buildings like the federal courthouse. Wheeler took exception to that.

On Wednesday night, in an effort to show that he supported the rioters and their looting protests, Wheeler went to join them. That’s when he got the surprise of his life. Rather than embrace the Mayor for coming out of his cushy home to be with them in their struggles, Antifa and Black Lives Matter told him to leave and that he should resign as Mayor.

The protestors have four basic “demands” that they want to have met before they disband (either that or when it gets cold at night when winter sets in). Among them, they want the police department defunded. They want all of the people arrested for protesting to be released from jail. And they want the Mayor of Portland, one Ted Wheeler to resign.

So, when Wheeler began to speak in support of the protesters, they shouted him down to the point he basically thanked the crowd for coming out, and standing against Donald Trump’s “attempted takeover” of the city. he was pelted with debris as he left the area.

And so it goes.

Liberals in power think that if they just say the right words, let the people protesting know that they are on their side everything is going to be OK. They need to let these guys know that they are OK with them tearing down a police precinct, or setting buildings on fire. What they apparently aren’t OK with is being told THEY are part of the problem and THEY should resign their office. And you’re seeing this now in city after city.

Jenny Durkin in Seattle. Lori Lightfoot in Chicago. Ted Wheeler in Portland. Bill de Blasio in New York. Gil Garcetti in Los Angeles. They all have been told they need to resign. And it’s not the Republicans telling them that. It’s the Antifa and Black Lives Matter crowd. It’s liberal leftist socialist snowflakes that are screaming at them. Yes, Virginia…they are eating their own.

And at some point, it will expand farther and farther to the left. It will start to include Governors, and yes, even Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will come under fire from the left as not being liberal enough. That’s because liberals don’t know when to call it quits. They push and push and push. It’s all in Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules For Radicals”. When you get attacked, double down. Don’t ever give up. And it’s going to spell the end of the Democrat party as we know it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “Eating Their Young (or old)

  1. There are currently 5 Governors already being targeted for recall. Petitions to recall Gavin Newsom, Calif; Phil Murphy, NJ; Jared Polis, Colo; Kate Brown, Ore; and Mike Dunleavy, Alaska are in the works. Dunleavy is the only Republican.

    I think the only reason Tom Wolf of PA isn’t on that list is because PA doesn’t have a recall provision in the state constitution.

    Chances are slim that they’ll actually get the boot but it’s nice to see people finally getting the $h#t’s of their actions. We can only hope, but this upcoming election may produce quite a few surprises!

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