Trump Admits Tweets A Problem

I’ve said this from the very beginning. I fully understand WHY Donald Trump goes to Twitter to talk to the American people. He’s bypassing the media when he does that and his message gets out unfiltered. There’s nothing wrong with that (unless the idiots at Twitter decide to censor him). It’s not the fact he uses tweets that get me. It’s what he says in those tweets.

And apparently, he agrees with me.

Donald Trump often says stuff on Twitter that frankly is beneath the office of the President of the United States. On January 20, 2017, he no longer was the host of The Apprentice. He was the most powerful man on earth. He never changed the way he acted, and he needed to, and he’s finally admitting that.

Trump did an interview this past week with Dave Portnoy, who’s the founder of Barstool Sports. In that interview, Trump admitted that his tweets “at times get me into trouble”, and that he often “regrets” sending out those tweets.

What Trump did was comparing it to the old, “write the letter, but don’t send it for a day” theory. In the good old days, even with email, you’d write a scathing email or letter to someone, but wouldn’t send it. You’d come back the next day, re-read it and say, “I don’t think I should send that!”, and you’d throw it away. You can’t do that with Twitter. Your tweets are out there. And when you have a hundred million people following you, it’s out there with a rather large footprint.

And so, The Donald admits that he probably should be more careful with his tweets, and I’ve always agreed with that. It’s probably the one thing he’s done that has driven me the craziest. I can’t defend it, but I do understand it. CNN, MSNBC, the broadcast networks, and 95% of the newspapers in our country aren’t going to give him a fair shot at what he has to say. They’ll spin it to make him look the absolute worst they can, and that’s wrong. So, he goes to a site where he can say what he wants and not be censored (or so he thought). I get that part. What he should do is come to or YouTube and record something and put it up on his channel to start airing tomorrow. That way, he could look at it later, and decide it was too brash and take it down before it ever went public.

Will he learn? That’s the big question. With the internet these days, there are literally hundreds of ways to get your thoughts out. And you can basically find places that allow you to say whatever you want. I’ve NEVER been censored on WordPress, and only once on YouTube when they thought I ran a copyrighted piece. It wasn’t. There was no copyright notice on it anywhere. Other than that, I’ve had free reign and I thank both places…even though I know Alphabet/Google owns YouTube.

The President of the United States should be able to say what he wants and get it out to his constituents without editing and without censoring. But he also has a huge responsibility to make sure he’s acting presidential all the time. That’s where Trump falls short.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Trump Admits Tweets A Problem

  1. The dumb tweets devalue all the accomplishments on the national and international scale. He thinks (like other presidents) that a constant daily presence in a person’s world is desirable. Not for me. I have that asshole selling pillows, the other asshole selling gold and the three different car insurance companies and their assholes in my face a million times a day on all channels. I will never buy their products as they have invaded my world. Even though I am a Trump supporter I don’t want his voice or presence in my world all day every day either.

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