Since You Asked…

I get a lot of emails, several comments, and a lot of folks that know me personally that know I write a blog ask a lot of questions. But there is one overriding question that seems to be prevalent today.

Will Trump pull out the election?

My answer is actually two-fold.

The first answer has to accept the fact that Trump supporters are not those that take kindly to polls. They’ll either lie to the pollsters or not answer their questions altogether. Now, if that is the case, what you’re seeing in national and “battleground state” polls is wrong. Because the Trump side isn’t being fairly represented. The other issue with this point is that there are some polling companies that are obviously biased, both ways. And those that are biased in favor of the left will over-sample Democrats and under-sample Republicans. One poll I saw had sampled 47% Democrats and 24% Republicans, leaving a whopping 29% as independents!

Now, if this scenario in any of its forms is to actually take place, and it did indeed take place four years ago, then Trump is actually sitting pretty. Because even though it shows Biden as sweeping everything, it is closer than it was with Hillary running back then. If any of this is true, I would expect another Trump victory in November.

The second answer, however, has to accept the fact that these polls are at least somewhat correct. I’m not too sure about this one. The media is laying a huge bet that they can convince America that everyone is turning against Donald Trump and he’s going to be standing at the ballot box all by himself come election day. I’m not really sure that’s the case because frankly, I don’t trust the media anymore.

If, however, this scenario proves to be true and Trump truly IS losing to Biden by double digits in all of the battleground states as well as nationally, the party is over and Biden (and whoever his handlers are calling the shots) will take over the White House. If indeed this is true, I would also look for Democrats to increase their lead in the House and retake the Senate. I really don’t know as if I can trust the poll numbers to the degree that they are coming out. I know I don’t trust the media’s reporting on them. All of the polls are showing Biden with this huge lead. If history tells us one thing, it’s that no politician since Ronald Reagan’s re-election has had what I’d call a “landslide” victory. That was 36 years ago.

So, while I can’t give a definitive answer one way or another in this question just yet, I can say that it would be probably, maybe, possibly more feasible that the first scenario is more accurate than the second. I know Democrats are juiced to get to the polls, not to vote for Joe Biden, but to vote against Donald Trump, and that’s fueled by the media’s hatred of him. The media would have you believe that now the Biden ticket has more enthusiasm than Trump’s side, and I find that hard to believe. It may be true, but it would be Trump-hatred rather than Biden loving that is the cause. And when sane people actually look at who’s running and what they stand for, I cannot believe rational people will feel that Biden is the best choice. After all, the guy has done absolutely nothing in 50 years in Washington DC!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Since You Asked…

  1. Being a guy who see’s the glass half-full, I gotta believe Trump will win. It may not be an overwhelming victory but victory none the less. You really can’t believe any of the media polls, and that was proven back in 2016. And after going thru 3 1/2 years of “get Trump syndrome” that has found NOTHING, I think the public no longer believes much of what the media or News reports.

    I still believe most people vote FOR a president rather than against one, and since Sleepy Joe 30330 is advocating the reversal of everything Trump has done which has vastly increase our economy, I don’t see Sleepy Joe’s return to higher taxes as a winning message.

    These BLM and Antifa riots can’t be helping those Democrat run city’s either. The Dem’s are deeply fractured and eating themselves alive. Residents are losing places to shop and shop owners are losing their business’, all the while those Democrat governors and mayors are sitting on their hands.

    It’s gotten too dangerous to put a “Trump 2020” bumper sticker on your car unless you’re looking to have your car keyed, windows broken or tires flattened! So if I had to base my prediction on one thing, I would point to the evidence, if only empirical, of seeing all those beautiful American flags I see flying when I drive around town. I haven’t seen that many flags since 9-11 and I believe they are mostly Republican’s. That, my friends, is the silent majority.

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