Mike Ditka Has It Right

Oh, I completely forgot how wonderful it was to have sports in our lives. We went from mid-March through the end of July with no Major League Baseball, no NBA playoffs, no NHL Finals, we had no NCAA playoffs in basketball, no NASCAR, no Indy 500, no Masters Tournament in golf. And now we’re just starting back up with friends and family of the golfers showing up, and only a few folks in the stands at NASCAR events. MLB has no one there, and the NBA starts up again this week.

And I forgot how stupid some of these players are.

Mike Ditka gave them hell the other day in an interview by saying that if the athletes want to kneel during the national anthem, they should leave the country. I would be inclined to agree. Of course, it all started with that wonderful patriot (he said tongue in cheek), Colin Kaepernick, who decided to kneel to show that he supported blacks in their on-going struggle against humanity. And he was joined by most of the NFL. It turned out most of America was turned off by that and stadiums ended up half-empty. America basically kneeled on the NFL.

Then it spread to other sports as these mega-millionaire superstars decided that making their millions in this country wasn’t good enough. And Ditka’s comment was absolutely true. If you have to feel that this country is that bad that you can’t stand for the national anthem and when our colors are presented, you need to find a new country to call home. And forget about making millions there…you probably won’t.

I’ve known several pro athletes in my day. I used to cover major league baseball back in the 1970’s, and 1980’s. I covered pro golf up until I retired, and I knew several of the 1980’s Indy car drivers having lived down the street from a car owner. Most pro athletes realize what it took to get to where they are. Most are actually good, humble people. Oh, there are a few idiots out there. Reggie Jackson comes to mind. But if you were to ask me if I felt the way Ditka feels, I’d agree 100%!

Look, if you’re blessed enough with the talent that these football and baseball players are. If you’ve been able to be that 1 in a thousand players that are at the very pinnacle of your game, and you can’t find it in your heart to stand for the national anthem of the United States of America, you don’t need to protest. You need to get out. And I mean get out now! You’re wasting our oxygen. You’re wasting our time, and you don’t deserve applause and cheers. That also goes for the ladies of the WNBA’s New York Liberty and Seattle Storm who left the floor during the playing of the anthem. Such cowards!

It’s just that simple. The commissioners of these sports, rather than bend over and kiss the rear end of these “stars” by allowing them to kneel, should give them the ultimatum. You either stand for the national anthem, or you aren’t playing in this league any longer.

It’s time Robert Manfred of Major League Baseball, Roger Goodell of the NFL, and yes, even Cathy Englebert, commissioner of the little known and even littler watched WNBA realize THEY are Americans!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “Mike Ditka Has It Right

  1. Right On, Right On, Right On….. If you can’t stand and honor our country then get the hell out you S.O.B.

    And these team owners need to find a set of balls. There are hundreds of talented kids out there who would love to have a chance to play professional sports. If the current roster of players won’t respect our country, then there are many others that will. I would hope that all future contracts address this situation, you either stand and show your respect or you are no longer a member of the team. No severance package or extended payout period. You lose it all!

    I think you’ll be seeing a lot of empty stadiums even when this pandemic is over.I, for one, won’t be watching. It makes my blood boil!

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