It’s A Myth!

The riots in Portland, Oregon have now been going on for well over 60 days. That’s over two straight months of nightly riots. We’re not talking “peaceful assembly” here. We’re not talking about mourning the death of George Floyd. We’re talking about destruction, looting, arson, beatings, shootings, you know…riots. Just like in 1965 in Watts and 1967 in Detroit. Burning the cities down. Well, Seattle and Portland, often known for their acceptance of any kind of culture, are watching that naive acceptance turn to rubble and ash.

Recently, Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the same guy that sits currently as the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee was asked in DC about “disavowing the riots going on from Antifa that’s happening in Portland right now?”

NADLER: “That’s a myth. A myth that’s only being spread in Washington, DC.

QUESTION: About Antifa in Portland?

NADLER: Yes…yes. (as a masked aide comes up and grabs Nadler by the shoulder and steers him to a waiting car)

QUESTION: Sir, there’s video’s online everywhere. There are fires, and riots, there are fireworks being shot at federal officers…DHS is there…look online! It gets crazy Mr. Nadler!

Too late. Jerry’s in his car by now.

So, you and I know nothing about Antifa rioting in Portland according to Jerry Nadler, because it’s a myth that’s only being spread in Washington, DC? So, how do we know about it?

And this is where the liberals in this country are. They now have to deny that Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two of the most liberal, and destructive groups out there currently, have anything to do with the riots in Seattle, or Portland, or the violence in Chicago, or New York. After all, these are all peaceful assemblies.

So, why am I watching Ted Wheeler, the mayor of Portland, being hit with debris was thrown by these “peaceful demonstrators” and being conked with tear gas. Why are there signs telling Wheeler that he has to resign in order for the riots to stop? If this is JUST being spread in Washington, DC, as Nadler claims, how is this happening?

I mean, Jerry Nadler is a Chairman of a very powerful committee in DC. He’s been there for 30 years! You’d expect him to know what’s fact and what’s fiction, right? Oh…wait. He bought into Adam Schiff’s lies about Russian Collusion, didn’t he? Maybe when he lost all that weight, he lost some of the brainpower as well? Obviously, Nadler is either covering up for Antifa, or he’s just plain stupid when it comes to what’s really happening in our country. I’d like to give the Congressman from New York the benefit of the doubt, but there really is a lot of doubt out there! He’s far from the smartest bulb in the box. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Jerry Nadler probably doesn’t have the intelligence of the average fifth grader in his district. And yes…that would make him downright stupid.

Jerry Nadler is a bumpkin. He is a shining example of what is wrong with Congress in this day and age. People like Nadler, or AOC, or Nancy Pelosi, who know how to game the system, but outside that are nothing more than party hacks, shouldn’t be allowed to write our laws. They should be sent back to school.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “It’s A Myth!

  1. Maybe, after we all get sick & tired from this insanity of these career political hacks destroying America, some Patriot will shoot the likes of Nadler for treason and we can take our country back. I’m not incouraging violence; I just telling you about the dream I had last night.

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    1. Oooh….better be careful on that one! We don’t need those idiots in the FBI that are still hanging around from Obama to have to come and investigate you…especially if something DOES happen to that comatose fool!


  2. Two words……TERM LIMITS!

    Look…you know as well as me that this has nothing to do with knowing or not knowing what’s happening. This is a script that the Dem’s are following and as usual, they’re all sticking together. Say it enough times and the people will begin to believe it!

    The complicit main stream media isn’t showing the destruction, they only show the peaceful part of the demonstrations that happen early in the day. Once it gets late into the night the peaceful demonstrators have gone home, the anarchist come out.

    And now Portland wants to negotiate a settlement with the rioters? Are you kidding me? America doesn’t negotiate with terrorists!

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