“Reclaim” This!

Attorney General, William Barr went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to discuss policy with the House Judiciary Committee. Let’s say he was greeted in a less than cordial manner by Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), and his compadres on the left.

Barr sat and answered questions throughout the day as Nadler and company would ask him questions, and as Barr started to answer would state that they were “reclaiming my time”, meaning they weren’t going to allow the AG to answer the question. Several times throughout the day, Barr spoke over the top of Democrats who repeatedly tried to interrupt him.

The whole reason Barr was there was to face the wrath of Democrats who feel that he is “the President’s lawyer, not the people’s lawyer”. Barr repeatedly said that wasn’t the case. However, you couldn’t prove anything to this crowd!

Applause goes out to Jim Jordan (R-OH) who called Nadler on his “myth” comment that we discussed here yesterday. He ran video of the riots in Portland and asked Nadler point-blank if that looked like a myth to him. Nadler responded by chastising Jordan for not “clearing the video prior to running it”.

In the end, America basically learned how infantile the Democrats can be. The was Jerry Nadler at his absolute worst. Democrats on this committee, I’m sure felt that they “got” Barr throughout the day, but they came across as juvenile, and very petty. Even Democrat talking heads that discussed the hearing afterward shook their heads in shame, calling it, “one of the worst displays I’ve seen in Washington”. And they weren’t talking about Barr.

People like Jerry Nadler are the reason this country is so screwed up. He refuses to see what’s happening in America and call out those that are rising up against federal authority to protect federal property. Instead, Nadler wants to hide his head in the sand, and dismiss Barr for unmasking the whole Democrat attempt to impeach Donald Trump because of “Russian Collusion” as the hoax we’ve learned it was. Instead of moving forward, Democrats are doubling down. There is only one problem with that theory. You always have a 50/50 chance of losing each time you do it, and when you lose, you’re twice as far in the hole as when you started. So far, Democrats are several times lower in stature than they were in 2015.

Here is a party that in 2015 was not considered to be great, but certainly had a lot more going for it than they do today. And if most of America sees that the people on the left in Congress aren’t hurting America, they have become blind to tyranny and are just as addle-minded as those in positions of power like Nadler.

No, Jerry Nadler is a buffoon. There is no other way to put it. He is an idiot who lacks basic intelligence. That is why Nancy Pelosi let Adam Schiff and not Nadler take the lead on impeachment. Nadler is a lightweight, and the people of his district in New York should be ashamed to repeatedly install this monolith of incompetence back in DC term after term.

It’s sad to see the Empire State has sunk to such a low!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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