Are Bernie’s Bro’s On Board?

If you listen to Bernie Sanders, for the second time in two presidential election cycles, his supporters are on board with the Democrat candidate to be elected president. Bernie, for the second time in a row, has caved to Democrat pressure, which is pretty much what he’s done in both the House of Representatives and in the US Senate during his career.

And it appears that while HE may be willing to vote for Joe Biden, and even campaign for him, especially since Biden has signed on to a lot of Sanders’ wish list for campaign issues, his people may not be so enthused.

Take his former campaign surrogate, Nina Turner.

Turner was often quoted during the primary on issues dealing with Sanders. And yet, when it came down to Bernie calling it quits and deciding to throw his support to Biden rather than forge ahead to the convention, as he did with Clinton four years ago, he cowered and backed away.

Turner’s response was anything less than cordial.

“It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of sh– in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still sh–,” Turner described to Atlantic staff writer Peter Nicholas.

Well, I guess that about sums up her feelings for Sleepy Joe, doesn’t it? And if you go on Tik-Tok, or Twitter, or some of the other social media sites that Bernie’s Bro’s frequent, you’ll see that they are much less enthused in voting for Joe Biden. They’ve called him a rapist, a sexist, and even a racist! I can’t tell you how many tearful videos of college-aged girls I’ve seen all upset that now they have to either vote FOR Joe Biden or AGAINST Donald Trump. And in the end, they all say the same thing…they’re staying home.

That may very well be why the “enthusiasm gap” is still well in Trump’s favor. Even with the media throwing a full-court press at Trump and his supporters by basically coming up with stories that say that nobody is supporting Trump, everybody is supporting Biden, and the election shouldn’t even happen because nobody wants Trump…most people are more likely to get off the couch and vote for Trump than they are for Biden. 47% in a recent poll conducted by Pew Research, said they were enthused or very enthused to vote for Trump. 36% said the same thing about Biden.


Do you remember what happened four years ago? Hillary Clinton had a huge gap and trailed in the enthusiasm department to Trump. She got lambasted! Even when the polls all said she’d win the election by 10 points or so! And when all was said and done, it was because she couldn’t get people off the couch. Joe Biden has the same problem. In fact, Joe Biden has the same problem for himself. HE is having a hard time getting off the couch and getting out of the basement…which you would think would put him in sync with a lot of the Bernie Bro’s, since that’s where they live!

In the end, enthusiasm matters almost as much as party affiliation. And Joe Biden is not an enthusiastic candidate. I sincerely doubt picking a black woman as a VP candidate is going to do anything to change that!

OH…and here’s a little tease for you. The Lone Cactus has found out who Biden’s running mate is going to be. I will tell the world ahead of Joe’s big announcement next week, on MONDAY. Make sure you tune in!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Are Bernie’s Bro’s On Board?

  1. I’d like to see Trump go and campaign in neighborhoods in city’s like Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, and many others where the Black on Black crime is rampant. I think he would get a lot of support from those communities who want nothing to do with defunding the police and it would force Sleepy Joe 30330 to come out of the basement and play defense. Problem is, it’s probably too dangerous and even impossible for the security team to keep Trump safe.

    The enthusiasm gap may be wide right now, but people remember why, and now know, why Hillary lost and I don’t think they’ll be sitting on their couches come this election day!?!?

    P.S. I was happy to see that it was a Democrat who tried to burn down the Democrat Campaign Headquarters in Phoenix. Makes you wonder!!!!

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    1. It’s tough to be excited about a terrible candidate. I certainly wasn’t enthused about voting for people like Bob Dole, or John McCain, and I’m sure Democrats weren’t excited about voting for people like Michael Dukakis or Jimmy Carter (his reelection). Biden will have a hole to dig out of, and frankly I don’t think picking a black woman as VP is going to help him at all. He already has 90% of the black vote. And I doubt it’s going to get more of them to the polls.

      Yeah…what’s up with a Democrat trying to torch Dem’s headquarters???


      1. He was probably hoping it would be blamed on the Republican’s?

        But how stupid are these people that they actually post what they did on the Internet?

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