Think Trump’s Approval Rating Is Bad?

Gallup…that polling organization that actually started the presidential preference polls way back in the middle of the last century, only to tell the world in 2015 that they weren’t going to do presidential polling anymore for elections because they couldn’t seem to get it right, is at it again! They have continued to come out with the presidential approval numbers, and the congress’ approval numbers.

And you think Trump’s approval is bad?

Let’s face it. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Bobo Obama, and yes, now Donald Trump have all had approval numbers somewhere in the 40s at this point in their presidencies. According to the latest Gallup release, which came out Thursday, Trump’s number is holding steady at 41%. That’s pretty much where it’s been for months.

But Congress? Congress has sunk to new lows! Back in May, when Trump’s number was actually falling because of his “daily Coronavirus briefings” that went two hours long, Congress had a rating of 31%. Today? It’s down to 18%.

Oh, it’s not just the Republicans, who pin Congress approval at 14%. It’s Democrats who call it closer to 20%, and independents who chime in at 21% approval.

That’s downright embarrassing.

There are professions that have a lower rating, but not many. I think telemarketer comes in a little lower. A burglar is lower. And the last I saw, the internet spammer was lower. Congress has sunk to new lows.

And it’s not because of what’s going on in the Senate. It looks like America, including Democrats, are blaming the House of Representatives for wasting the country’s time with impeachment. They have turned against the Democrat-led lower chamber for their support of the rioters and looters in Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They’ve seen what idiot mayors like Jenny Durkin, Lori Lightfoot, and Ted Wheeler are doing to their cities, and are turning on the liberal party in droves.

As I’ve said for months here, the House of Representatives and it’s liberal leadership have become a national embarrassment. Now, I really don’t expect that to change all that much because frankly the people that elect stooges like Nancy Pelosi, or AOC, or Jerry Nadler, or Adam Schiff and give their party a bad name because of their buffoonery are themselves, buffoons. They will pull the lever for the person with the “D” after their name regardless of who it is…it could be Satan himself. And that is the problem with politics today.

It’s amazing that back when our country was founded, the Founding Fathers warned about political parties. They were all against them. They said it would ruin the country. And if you look, it pretty much has. Either you’re red or you’re blue. And we don’t vote for the best person anymore. We cater to whichever person has the correct initial behind their name. And thus, people like the aforementioned idiots get elected time and time again, not because they’re the best person running. Often times they’re not. But it’s because they’re incumbents. And they have huge war chests.

It’s another great argument for term limits. It’s an idea WAY past time to initiate it. We have it in local and state governments, and it works fine. We need it in the national government. Maybe then, more than one out of six of us could actually approve the job those 535 people in DC are doing?!

And don’t forget…my sources have informed me as to who Joe Biden is going to pick as a running mate. I’ll share that with you Monday!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

9 thoughts on “Think Trump’s Approval Rating Is Bad?

  1. I can’t wait to read your VP prediction but for some reason I just don’t think it will be a serious pick? Lol!
    Are we going back to Donald Duck?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely NOT! It’s a REAL PERSON…who’s holding a REAL elective office in a REAL city, from a state that’s a battleground state. And that’s all the clues I’m going to give you…until Monday!


  2. The Democrats must have found the polling number so that they could have their interns take the poll for them and bump their numbers up. I cannot imagine that 21% of San Fran Nan’s actual constituents are happy with her.

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