Biden’s First Job? Reunifying The Party

Forget about what Joe Biden says about reunifying America. He’s got a bigger task at hand this week. And there’s absolutely no guarantee that he’s going to achieve it. He’s got to reunify the Democrat party.

It’s going to be no easy task.

You have to understand that the Democrats had a whopping 27 people running for president this cycle. Not all of them (including Kamala Harris) even made it to 2020. And when it was just down to Bernie vs. Biden, it became 2016 all over again. And just like four years ago, Bernie Sanders disappointed his minions and backed Biden as the eventual nominee. But just like four years ago, his supporters haven’t signed on to do the same. In fact, about 75% of Bernie’s supporters have decided to endorse #NeverBiden, signifying they are either going to vote for Trump, Howie Hawkins (the Green Party candidate), or stay home. That’s a lot of votes sitting on the sidelines.

There were over 9.1 million votes cast in the 2020 presidential primaries for Bernie Sanders. If 75% say they’re #NeverBiden, that’s 6.8 million votes off the table. That most certainly could be enough to swing a few states Trump’s way.

I’m not sure what Biden can do this week to win over his party. But let’s face facts. If he can’t get the Bernie Bro’s on his side, how is he EVER going to be able to get the country reunited? I mean, getting your own political party on the same page should be a very short putt compared to dealing with Antifa and the Black Lives Matter crowd. And he’s already pandered to those groups quite a bit. Does he go all the way with them, forgetting that whites in this country still do have a majority? Or, does he throw caution to the wind, and try and make sure that the blacks don’t go wandering off and vote for Trump, or somebody else, or at the very least, stay home (like they did with Hillary four years ago!).

While there won’t be any raucous dancing in the aisles, or balloons coming down from the ceiling after the nomination is granted, there will be a speech. Joe still seems to read from a teleprompter pretty well, and if he stays focused, he could get through that. But there won’t be any cheering crowds to hype up the whole situation. It’s going to be done at that community center in Wilmington. And there probably won’t be more than a handful of people in the room.

Biden’s first big test as a presidential candidate comes this week. If he fails, if he stumbles, if there is a hint that the Bernie Sanders folks aren’t on board with what he’s pedaling,  you can bet your house that he’s never going to be able to solve a racial divide issue. Hell, Bobo Obama couldn’t solve it in Ferguson, Missouri and that’s when he sent Eric Holder out there to appease the black community. If Obama can’t heal the divide, what makes Biden think he can do it?

In short…he can’t.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

16 thoughts on “Biden’s First Job? Reunifying The Party

    1. But my big question is, are we so splintered that Dems will blame the GOP and GOP will blame the Dems? Most people in this country are now too stupid to understand what’s going on thanks to the National Education Association’s “dumbing down of America”.

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  1. Don’t hold your breath!!!

    The Party can’t be reunified because it’s to far divided. All those little brains-full-of-mush school kids who were fed a fake version of history and global warming by the Serfdom teachers union of the Democratic Party have grown up to be the Praetorian Guard of the Party….the chickens have come home to roost and the Party is eaten itself alive.

    The Democratic Party of our parents no longer exists with any real power, just look at what AOC and the squad did to Nancy Pelosi, and it will continue to erode as more and more left leaning progressives graduate from our failing schools and reach voting age. Free stuff and the sense of entitlement is a strong incentive!

    The Republican Party hasn’t got anything to cheer about either because they have morphed into a moderate party filled mostly with RINO’s.

    I believe we are quickly approaching the prediction on the life of a democracy and the only reason we’re overdue on that 200 year prediction of our collapse is because we’re a Republic,… but it’s coming!

    If Biden wins the election the riots and demonstrations will continue because the Left will be attempting to turn Joe even farther Left. If Trump wins the election the riots and demonstration will also continue because the Left hates him and wants him gone.

    I think we’re in a no-win situation and it’s only going to get a lot worse.

    Lock and load my friends. They’ll be coming to your neighborhood next!

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    1. Actually, it was a poll that was taken on Twitter….you can find it by doing a search on Twitter for “Nial Elkim”, or if you don’t mind scrolling through for a while, just search the hash tag #NeverBiden and you’ll find it.

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