You Want To Riot? You Are Going To Pay For It!

I think I need to have a huge shout out to Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) for his latest bill being introduced in Congress. Now, I will say that I don’t think he has a ghost of a chance of getting it passed in the House of Representatives, but that’s ok because by voting against it, every single House member is going to show their true colors to the world. Hopefully it gets to an up and down vote on the House floor.

What’s the big bill? Banks wants to deny the extra unemployment benefits that those out of work have been getting since the COVID-19 pandemic broke, and the government started issuing $600 per week additional unemployment checks (now $400) to anybody that is arrested for, and found guilty of rioting. So if you’re unemployed and you riot, and you get arrested and convicted, you lose that extra $400 a week!

Frankly, I don’t know how many of those folks are unemployed. Most, from what I’ve heard are on the payroll of George Soros, and he’s paying upwards of $1,500 a week to them to cause trouble. Now, that may mean that they are running afoul with the IRS if they don’t claim that money as income and pay tax on it. I’m sure Soros isn’t withholding their taxes and paying FICA for them on that. So, I can see where these people if they are indeed collecting unemployment while rioting, could be in even bigger trouble.

Here’s the over-riding factor in all of this. We all know that George Soros is spreading his money around to raise angst in our country. Ours isn’t the only country he does this in either. He does it all over the world, just to raise his brand of anarchy. But I would suggest that Banks take his bill and increase it a few notches. What if those people that get arrested and convicted for rioting and looting lose ALL of their federal benefits and protections? What if they were to lose their food stamps, or their welfare payments, or their Obamacare insurance, or their VA benefits if they served? What if they were to lose other federal things like a tax refund? Of course, that would most likely never get through the House of Representatives either, since being a tax issue, it would have to come through Congress. But what if?

If these looting idiots in places like Portland, and Seattle, and Kenosha, and Chicago, and New York, and other places want to keep looting and burn their neighborhoods to the ground, shouldn’t there be severe punishment? Oh, and let’s understand one thing…

Some cursory research shows that police have killed a grand total of 9 unarmed black men in the past year. They’ve killed 19 unarmed white men in the same time. Why aren’t we mourning the loss of those folks? Want some other statistics? From the Department of Justice, Black on White Violent Crime has occured over 536,000 times in the past year nationwide. White on Black crime? About 52,000 times. That means that roughly 90% of the inter-racial violent crime has been Black on White. Why aren’t we hearing that? Seems to me that someone is playing fast and loose with who we are mourning and rioting about!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “You Want To Riot? You Are Going To Pay For It!

  1. I like that idea!…Alot!.. And maybe he can add, that if you came from out of town to riot you can have extra charges attached!?!? Kinda like adding extra charges for hate crimes!

    And I don’t even know why you have to ask why nobody’s talking about the 90% Black on White crime? You know darn well these riots have noting to do with racial inequality and everything to do with tearing down the American way of life and turning us into another Socialist country like Venezuela!

    If the Fed’s went after George Soros as intense as they went after Trump, Soros would be history by now.

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    1. Yeah, there’s nothing I could ever disagree with about your statements. Of course I know why nobody talks about 90% black on white crime…same reason people get fired from their jobs for saying, “All lives matter”. It’s racist!


  2. Interesting statistics. I’m sure his bill won’t ever see the light of day – but hooray for him for trying! And hooray for you for telling us!


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