Pelosi Blow Back Continues

The pushback on House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s brazen attempt to flaunt the rules of San Francisco and go where she shouldn’t by getting her hair done when salons are supposed to be closed continues. Long after the 24 hour news cycle is over, protesters in San Fran are upset and protesting outside Pelosi’s mansion.

If you’ve been on vacation or living in a cave for the past week, you may have missed that Pelosi was spotted on surveillance cameras inside the eSalon, with wet hair. When asked about it, Pelosi’s response was “I was set up. I take full responsibility for allowing to be set up!” Her excuses are becoming much more lame as she ages!

So, there have been protests outside her tony mansion in the city by the bay. Protesters, who are not by the way, salon owners, but angry customers, and out of work folks, hung hair dryers in the trees of her yard, and wore curlers in their hair. They hung an American flag in a tree outside her gate, declaring it “a freedom tree”. Others took to Twitter to express their anger and outrage.

That’s all well and good, but as we’ve learned countless times this year, the Speaker doesn’t care about that. She knows people’s memories are short and that frankly, she can basically do anything she wants and by election day, she’ll still get 85-90% of the vote in her home district. Her bigger challenge is going to be winning the Speakership against the upstart socialists in her party.

Now, add to that Pelosi’s own Labor Day Tweet:

Pelosi got lambasted for that. As one person put it, “Is that the same middle class that ‘set you up'”? Another just commented, “Nice hair”

But San Franciscans do have a choice.

They can go to the ballot box this November (or earlier if they’re voting by mail) and vote against Pelosi. If they really want to teach Pelosi the difference between right and wrong, and that ALL people have to abide by the rules, not just the plebes in our society, the message to send to her is, “We are going to make you a plebe by voting you out of office.”

That’s exactly what should be done, not just with Pelosi, but with any politician that thinks they are above the law. That’s what was done four years ago with Hillary Clinton. Here you had a woman convinced that she would be crowned Queen Hillary the First, running against Donald Trump. She didn’t want to do press conferences, she didn’t want to meet with people and campaign, she just wanted the job. She had several scandals hanging over her head, some of which we knew about back then, some of which came to light after the election. And she felt she was above the law (which apparently she is because she hasn’t been charged with anything).

The simple truth is, politicians of either party are not above the law. If anything, they should be following the law more closely than us normals. They should be the ones setting the example. So, when a Charlie Rangle, who’s job it was to write the tax code, skates on taxes, he needs to be taken apart for it. Same with Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler for lying to the American public about impeachment, and Russian collusion, and a bad phone call. They should be taken down. And the only way to show these clowns that they are not above the law is to remove them from office. Thankfully, we have that opportunity to do so in a couple months. And the Pelosi’s and Schumer’s, and Schiff’s, and Nadler’s of the world SHOULD be made to live like the rest of us.

The question is, will their constituents feel the same way, or will they blindly pull the lever?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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