See What Backing Antifa Gets You

It doesn’t get you a lot of support, apparently. At least not in the riot-riddled city of Portland. The mayor there, Ted Wheeler is finding out the hard way, that backing “the protesters”, which has led to over 100 nights of riots and destruction in The Rose City, has also led to his downfall. At least that’s what the latest poll shows.

See, Ted Wheeler is up for re-election, and it appears he doesn’t have much support among the normally uber-leftist snowflake in his fair city. Only 26% approve of his job as Mayor. A whopping 63% have a negative view of hizonor.

Wheeler is probably best known for telling Donald Trump that he didn’t want his brand of “politics of division and demagoguery” in Portland. Trump responded by saying Wheeler was incompetent like Sleepy Joe Biden. The next day, there were hundreds of protesters outside of Wheeler’s condominium, calling for his resignation. Instead, he decided he would move so his neighbors could get a good night’s sleep.

And this is what backing rioters and looters, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa gets you apparently. So, it’s really strange that so many companies are spending millions of dollars on advertising designed to show they support this rather radical group. Now, I will be one of the first to say that I don’t believe that blacks should be treated any differently than any other race or ethnicity in this country. That said, I also believe that means you don’t put them up on a pedestal either. We are all equal. That means all the same. I get it they feel put upon, and they feel that the police are “out to get them”, and they are afraid to drive down the streets in some cities. That shouldn’t happen, but if they are afraid, you have to ask yourself, just why are they afraid. Is it because they are trying to avoid any contact with the police because of prior criminal acts? Or is it because the police are uber-sensitive to seeing people of color? Neither leads to a good outcome.

What all of this shows is that Ted Wheeler, like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago, and Bill de Blasio in New York City are seeing is in trouble politically. When you have a lot of your staff quitting, the police force opting for early retirement, and your streets littered with rubble from nightly protests and violence, you probably ought to consider a different line of work. It is very likely that Wheeler will lose the election in November to urban policy consultant, Sarah Iannarone after failing to get 50% plus one votes in the May primary. At this point, Wheeler has a better chance of defeating Donald Trump for the presidency.

I would expect that other mayors like Lightfoot, de Blasio, Jenny Durkin of Seattle, and Lovely Warren the Mayor of Rochester, New York are all going to be looking for work after their terms expire. de Blasio is term limited, so he’s toast after 2021. Durkin is already running for re-election in Seattle. Warren, who’s lost a lot of her staff due to the violence in Rochester, has an election in 2021 as well. And Lightfoot’s term in Chicago is up in 2023.

What will be interesting to see moving forward is whether or not the anti-mayoral attitudes in these cities, and around the country will actually play out on the national stage with Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Biden has finally come out against the rioters after spending months not saying a word about them. Trump’s law and order campaign seems to be taking hold and he’s narrowed a very wide 15 point gap to somewhere between 5 and 7 points in just a couple of weeks. Only time will tell.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “See What Backing Antifa Gets You

  1. Make no mistake about it, these rioters are no friends to Joe Biden nor the Democrats. Those Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups have an agenda all their own and it’s to tear down this country no matter which Party is in Washington!

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