Biden’s Dilemma

Joe Biden has a major problem. When he stays in his basement and doesn’t say anything, he lets Donald Trump say the stupid comments (which he does from time to time), and Biden is the beneficiary of them. But then, as the election gets closer, Biden has to crawl above ground and hit the campaign trail. That opens up a world of gaffes and miscues. When that happens, his poll numbers drop.

The latest gaffe occurred in Michigan this past week when Biden was meeting with union members, and one lady approached the microphone and said, “They told us to stick to the questions on this here paper, but I’m not going to do that”. She then asked Biden a question off the paper she was handed. Biden looked to his handlers and said, “Where is the prompter at?” as if to say he didn’t know where the answer was to her question. And it was all caught on camera.

Here’s what’s happening. Biden has basically lost Florida and North Carolina already. In the other battleground states, he’s leading, but not by much. Most of the polls are within the margin of error. In fact, Pennsylvania is tipping toward Trump, as is Michigan (though Biden is still up by 2 points there), and Wisconsin is 5 points in Biden’s favor, but it was 9 points just a week ago. Add to that Arizona, which Biden has led consistently throughout the cycle, is now showing Trump by 2. And these are the public polls. My sources in the Trump campaign say that Trump is actually leading in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, and believe it or not, Minnesota in the internal polls. If that’s true, Trump could lose Wisconsin and it won’t matter.

What else is interesting is that Trump was in Nevada on Saturday, and polls there are tightening. What was a 2.5% Hillary victory in 2016 is basically a dead heat, and pollsters around the country have flipped the state from “leaning Democrat” to “toss-up”.

This isn’t good news for Biden. Unlike what happened four years ago, Biden isn’t doing as well as Hillary did in any of the states, other than Delaware, and New York. Trump is even doing better in California. That’s also not taking into account the “silent Trump voter” factor that basically gave Trump the election four years ago. While all of the polls showed Hillary winning, what she and her campaign staff failed to realize was that Trump supporters were lying to the pollsters about who they were backing. And the same thing is supposedly happening this time around (I mean, why change what ain’t broke?).

And all of this is happening without the aid of a Durham Report that sounds like it actually may be coming out prior to the election; three presidential debates in which Trump has promised to rip Biden on basically everything he’s been saying for months; and the fact that Biden has a problem with gaffes and telling the truth. Now you can add the fact that Hunter Biden is back in the news as having sold a car parts manufacturer to a Chinese concern for a hefty fee, feeding into Trump’s claim that if Biden were elected, China would own America.

I know it’s a little early to be confident, and I’m not quite there yet. My guy usually isn’t wrong when it comes to presidential elections…it was in 2012, but that’s been it going back to the 1980 election when I thought Reagan was going to get beat. This time, my Maalox consumption is way down. I wonder why?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

13 thoughts on “Biden’s Dilemma

  1. Durham Report better come out NOW if it is going to help and vindicate Trump. Early voting will render it useless waste of time to influence election. If Biden wins and there’s new DOJ leadership none of the crooks will even get indicted. Biden is still unable to say what he would have done differently in early stages of virus eruption. But Nancy and Chuck still contend Trump negligent but can’t offer hindsight either.

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  2. With all this news, we still cannot get cocky.

    On one hand, I am ready to go out and vote on the first day of early voting. (Of course, I don’t trust the USPS union to not cull out Republican votes — so I am not ever voting by mail.)

    On the other hand, I am considering tempting fate and being in the crowd on election day (not that I think that I will catch COVID-19 while voting, but that I think there is every possibility of Democrat hi-jinks in a county controlled by Democrats on election day). Still, voting on election day would provide a flood of votes that the demon rats Democrats could not recover from.

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    1. I voted out here in the primary on election day. There was NOBODY at the polling place. And they had social distancing down pretty well, and everyone was wearing masks. I’m only assuming it’s going to be the same thing on November 3rd! I’ve always voted on election day, and I’m going to continue to do that. That’s what the Founding Fathers thought should happen!

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      1. Still, I am torn on whether to vote early and ensure my vote or to vote on election day and brave the tricks of the Harris County Democrats. They have been known to close precincts on short notice.

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  3. I’m not so sure that the Republican’s are that stupid! Yeah, there are a lot of rich Republican’s that hate Trump but they will be cutting their own throats in the process. You don’t think the Democrats will suddenly become kum ba yah with those Republicans do you? Once the Dem’s get a Dem in the White House and possibly all of Congress the Republican’s will become a Party of the past just like in California.

    Remember what Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder once said, “When they go low, we kick’em.” They will bury the Republican’s! Conservatism on all levels will be gone until the next revolution!

    Remember what JFK once said, ” “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

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    1. No, I don’t believe for a minute that Democrats will ever “accept” Republicans, unless the GOP members go along with the Dems. But that’s the way Washington worked for decades. Only since Reagan have the Republicans in the House and Senate tried to get their own agendas through. And really, Newt Gingrich and the Contract With America (which came after Reagan, I know) was the reason.


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