Doin’ Debate Prep

Tonight has been long awaited by Republicans and feared by Democrats. It could very well be the night that Joe Biden either implodes in front of tens of millions of people or that he once and for all puts the mantle of “mentally incapable” aside and becomes a real presidential candidate. Let’s face facts. For the last six months, Biden has hid in his basement, not taken any serious questions from the press (at least not after Charlemaigne da god got to him), and has had a very limited campaign schedule. He has relied on Donald Trump making inane comments (though they are fewer now that he’s in the campaign), and gaffes. But tonight, the gloves come off and it’s pretty much like all the hype of a 200-0 champion going up against a boxing neophyte. Of course, Rocky Balboa’s story was indeed inspiring!

Doing the debate prep for tonight, I get the feeling that Donald Trump is on the campaign trail, not at all worried about the questions that Chris Wallace is going to ask, and worried even less about the answers that Joe Biden is going to give. That could be a mistake. I’m also getting the feeling that Biden’s handlers are drilling him pretty much every waking moment, though none of us can be sure that’s more than a couple of hours a day. I will say this. It looks to me, leading up to this debate, that Biden’s whole play is 1) Coronavirus and the way Trump handled it; 2) Trump is qualified to be President; and 3) Trump lies and you can’t believe a word he says.

The only thing I’ve heard coming out of the Biden camp in the last few weeks is that he feels he can bring the country together. He feels he can do a better job with Coronavirus than Trump has done, and he promises that he will keep us safe. He’s given no explanation as to how he will do any of that. We’ve heard he’s going to raise taxes by $4 trillion dollars. We’ve heard that he’s already in bed with China.

And we’ve heard that he’s so addled these days that he doesn’t do much except sleep. Whether or not that will prove to be true tonight, I’m not sure. Donald Trump has even called for drug testing because his campaign feels that Biden is being “juiced” and given something akin to Ritalin for tonight’s debate to keep him lucid.

I admit that the bar has been set very low for Biden, and has been set low by Trump. Trump needs to come out in the first round of this three-round fight and score a knockout or come out the clear winner. He can’t afford to sit back, play rope-a-dope, and let Biden have his way with things. He needs to hit Biden on Ukraine. He needs to hit Biden on taking credit for a terrible economy during the Obama years, and he needs to hit Biden on being in DC for 48 years and doing very little.

Biden can’t rely on those three items I mentioned above simply because a) There is no way to determine whether Biden’s actions during the early stages of Coronavirus would have been any better (armchair quarterbacking is always easy!); b) Is Biden still relevant in today’s society, after having been in office for a lifetime?’ and c) Biden has lied and even had to drop out of a presidential contest because of plagiarism. He’s gotta be careful in calling Trump a liar, when there are so many instances of him lying as well! It should be fun. We have stocked up with popcorn and shloads of butter in this house.

We’ll be watching…I’m sure you will be too!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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