Pelosi’s Flawed Reasoning

I guess if you want, you can make an argument against anything, regardless how helpful it would be, or how important the item is. Let’s talk about such an item today and why it is Nancy Pelosi is absolutely against it.

She was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer the other day. Wolf was asking her why she didn’t take the latest White House deal of $1.8 trillion in another round of stimulus for the whole Coronavirus situation. The White House proposal would have called for another round of $1,200 stimulus checks to go out, as well as adding another $400 in unemployment compensation to those still out of work.

Pelosi’s response was that the President could spend the money any way he wanted. Forgetting entirely that $1.8 Trillion is very close to her request for $2.2 Trillion, she was upset because she doesn’t have the ability or authority to MAKE Donald Trump spend the money the way she wants. So instead of helping Americans in need (and some of us that aren’t in need!), she has decided to balk at it because she can’t dictate how the Executive Branch actually spends the dough.

Well, that’s not the real reason.

The real reason Nancy Pelosi is coming up as the Grinch that stole Stimulus is that she is afraid that if Donald Trump has another check going out this close to the election, he’s going to get credit for it, and she doesn’t want that. I think Pelosi knows that it’s going to be a close election. I think she’s fully aware that Joe Biden could very well be losing despite what the polls all say. Remember four years ago at this point, Hillary Clinton was also up by a seemingly huge amount. But in the end, she couldn’t hold on to the lead and lost in an electoral college landslide.

Pelosi is afraid that the same thing could happen to Biden and she doesn’t want the next four years to be like the last four years, with Democrats stepping in piles of dog doo every other day. Under her leadership the House of Representatives has embarrassed itself time and time again, wasting tens of millions of taxpayer dollars chasing pipe dreams and made up stories of Russian Collusion, that it turns out, were actually approved by Hillary Clinton and with the knowledge of Bobo Obama, and yes, Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.

That’s a lot of sour mustard to swallow. And Pelosi knows if Trump gets any positive press coverage between now and November 3rd, he could very well repeat his performance of 2016. With Biden being the weaker candidate by far, and having a lot, though not nearly the baggage Clinton had, Pelosi is trying to play anything Trump would do in a negative light as “playing politics” with it, when in fact, she is the one playing politics.

In the end, I have faith in the American voter to see through her charade. I don’t have a clue who’s going to win the election. I’m prepared for a Biden presidency, and a Harris takeover of the government sometime after that, but I hope that’s not the case. Joe Biden doesn’t deserve to be the President, and Kamala Harris doesn’t even deserve to be a sitting Senator. But what else can you expect from California?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

7 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Flawed Reasoning

  1. I think everybody sees thru Nancy’s charade by now, but I also think everybody has pretty much baked-in how they will vote. Problem is, there’s not many undecideds floating in the middle!

    If you judge the pending results on how many people attend Trump rallies versus Biden, there is no competition, Trump wins hands-down! If you judge how each candidate has been treated by the Leftist moderators in these so-called debates and townhalls, and you see who gets the fluff questions and who has to debate, not only his opponent, but also the moderator, you see who’s side the media is on!

    I just hope that Trump wins in such an overwhelming manner, that even the fraudulent mail-in ballots have no affect, but the Dem’s are masters of deception and will fight, stall, prolong and challenge every last ballot until they find enough votes to win.

    If that happens, I think you just might see more riots in the streets but this time it will be from the Right and not the Left. This could be the start of another Civil War?

    And like I said earlier; if Biden wins the election the destruction and downfall of our Constitution and American way of life falls firmly on the shoulders of those who voted for Biden. I wonder how they explain that to their kids and grandkids? Should be easy to do since they’ll probably be living with their parents in the basement!

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    1. Yeah, I pretty much agree with you. I was more pessimistic until I saw a video on YouTube from Dr. Steve Turley. The guy puts it into great perspective on why he feels Trump will win in what could be the “biggest landslide in history”. Not sure if it will happen, but it does make sense!


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