Facebook And Twitter: EXPOSED!

With the incident of Joe Biden holding a meeting with the #3 guy at Burisma while his son, Hunter was sitting on the Board of Directors, and Sleepy Joe was Vice President coming to light, we are witnessing some very extreme and very disturbing social media decisions.

Both Facebook and Twitter have decided that no one is going to be allowed to repost the actual email that was printed in the New York Post story that broke the news on the event. The two social media giants try to rationalize this by saying that it’s not necessarily been proven, and therefore could be considered “fake news”. Of course, they had no problem, what-so-ever running the “Russian Collusion Hoax” that we now learn wasn’t just a hoax, it was a Hillary Clinton led lie from the start.

In a word, it’s called “Censorship”.

Here you have two groups that swear up and down before Congress that they are merely the delivery vehicle for other people’s thoughts and ideas. They aren’t expressing their own idea. And yet, when something is presented that they don’t like because it makes their candidate of choice look bad, they have no problem wanting to censor the tweets and the Facebook posts on the subject. They didn’t have this problem at any time in the last four years when Democrats and liberals decided they wanted to take Donald Trump down. It’s only now, two weeks away from the election that these clowns decide they have to step in and censor what could be the biggest news of the entire election.

Now, having said that, none of us know for a fact whether or not the story is true. We heard an interview with the computer repair shop owner who says that someone (he thinks it may have been Hunter Biden, but he’s not sure) decided to come into his shop and drop off a laptop computer for repair. That computer had the offending emails on it that we’ve learned about. But we certainly don’t have proof yet. The computer has been turned over to the FBI.

And there is another crux in this enigma. Do you TRUST the FBI to actually perform an unbiased investigation anymore? I certainly don’t. I would have serious issues trying to deal with them at all right about now. I’m not sure I can trust them to be fair and just. Certainly this isn’t the FBI that was supposed to be the nation’s cops! it’s more like a bunch of whacked-out liberals that have it in for anyone that doesn’t believe like they believe. And I kinda, sorta, feel the same way about the intelligence community of this country right about now as well.

So, I’m sure we will eventually learn the actual truth of whether or not this is a Joe Biden/Hunter Biden scandal, in which Joe lied when he said he never met with anyone from Burisma. Or, is it just a another political fabrication designed to be this cycle’s October Surprise? We will know because the truth always comes out (as was evident in the Russian collusion hoax of Hillary Clinton). But I doubt it will come out in time to know anything before the election. Worst of all, Facebook and Twitter ought to be shut down for being biased. They aren’t protected under the first amendment as “press” and they even admit to that. They are nothing more than political propaganda machines for the liberal left. We need to shut them down, cancel our accounts and boycott their advertisers.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed

6 thoughts on “Facebook And Twitter: EXPOSED!

  1. I’ve said it before…in my opinion these social media sites just need to post EVERYTHING! If you don’t like it, don’t read it, but you can’t allow “them” to be in charge of censorship!

    Yelling “Fire” in a crowded theater was never law and in the 1969 case of Brandenburg vs. Ohio the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that even members of the KKK advocating violence is protected under the First Amendment, unless the speech “is directed to incite or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

    So let’s just dump Section 230 and start holding these social media sites accountable for their actions.

    Watch this….it explains everything!


  2. I’m surprised that there has not been an organized effort for conservatives to pull the plug on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube, and boycott their advertisers. I’m sure that Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t miss a few people not using his platform, but if enough people quit the platform it has got to affect Facebook financially.

    Competition in the social media game would be a big help, but for whatever reason, no reliable alternative exists.

    Congress has got to get off their dead ass and address this issue. It is long overdue to make these social media companies decide if they are carriers of info or publishers of info, and not being granted the exemptions & privileges of both. It’s one or the other; make a commitment, and operate accordingly.

    Verizon is a carrier of info & would be in deep trouble if they censored my voice, data & text.
    Time Magizine is a publisher and can edit my letter to the editor, because Time is responsible for the content in their publication, and any lawsuit, because they changed the meaning of the letter, would fall on deaf legal ears.

    Social Media, like many aspects of Covid-19, has caused many to act like sheeple. Until we pushback on social media giants and stop participating in much of the insane daily non sense about Covid, that does not have anything to do with the spread of the disease, nothing will change for the better. Wake up America!

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    1. You make good points, but you have to realize the reason conservatives don’t boycott advertisers is because that’s a liberal play. We don’t usually pull that stunt. When was the last conservative boycott you remember? You’re right about Congress and you’re right about Section 230. It’s gotta go. Liberals hate it because they think these companies are too big. Conservatives hate it because they think the companies are too biased. Just wait… the companies will be over-regulated soon. And once the government gets involved, no one will want to be there anyway.


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