October Surprise?

It may well be the “James Comey looking at Adam Weiner’s laptop” of 2020. A computer repairman had a laptop dropped off from a guy that suspiciously looked like Hunter Biden. When the repairman started working on the laptop, he noticed over 40,000 emails on it, some of them to Ukrainian officials of Hunter Biden’s old company, Burisma. Some of them went so far as to say thank Hunter for introducing his father to them (something Joe Biden has repeatedly said never happened).

Now, Biden’s “official” schedule according to his campaign says, he never had that appointment. But then again, if I were the Vice President of the United States of America, and I were going to meet with an official of a foreign company under scrutiny for felonious affairs, and which my son was sitting on their Board of Directors and getting paid a ridiculous sum of money for it, I probably wouldn’t want that listed on my “official schedule” either. Notice that the Biden staff didn’t say he didn’t meet with them, only that it wasn’t on his “official schedule”.

And now we have the smoking gun of 2020. This Ukrainian thing has been chasing Joe Biden for two years. Just like the Russian Collusion scandal chased Donald Trump, only that one proved to be false. Joe Biden himself admitted to a quid pro quo with former Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko. He even bragged about it during an event that was recorded. And now comes this revelation from this whistleblower repairman that the laptop, which has been handed over to the FBI, contains a lot of “disturbing items”.

Frankly, I don’t know if Joe Biden is guilty of anything or not. Certainly it’s not against the law for the sitting Vice President to meet with some official of a company. It happens all the time. But under these circumstances, the old “Pay to Play” scenario that was popularized by Hillary Clinton in her years at the State Department may have once again reared it’s ugly head. If Joe Biden engaged in that tactic, or did anything that’s untoward to help his son out, he needs to step down or, if elected, be impeached and thrown out of office. What is alleged to have happened is unconscionable. And I said the same thing about Donald Trump in the early days of the Russian collusion scandal. That of course, proved to be a total hoax, made up and approved by Hillary Clinton as a campaign smear.

If this is not true, but is simply an October surprise designed to sway voters at the last moment, like the Russian collusion story was, on one hand I have to applaud the Republicans if they are the ones behind it. At the same time I’d chastise them for doing it. I’d applaud them for making the playing field level over the last election and this election, but really, there’s no place in politics on either side for this type of nonsense if it isn’t true.

And there you have it. We certainly won’t know the truth by election day. But we will someday know the truth. In the course of human history, the number of items that we never find out about the truth on are very small indeed. We still don’t know if there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy. And we don’t know if the government was hiding anything in Area 51. Other than that, we’ve done a pretty good job of learning the truth…eventually!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

8 thoughts on “October Surprise?

  1. The big question is…if Sleepy Joe wins the election will the Repub’s even try to impeach him or just let him slide? A Kamala as President is exactly what the Progressive Dem’s wanted in the first place.
    If the Repub’s lose this election and all this corruption gets shoved under the rug, I will despise the “never do anything” Repub’s even more than the Dem’s.

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    1. Oh, there is no comparison between the two parties, and no, I wouldn’t despise Republicans more than the Democrats in any way shape or form. But in order for that to happen (impeaching Biden), you have to lose the White House, increase your lead by probably 14 in the Senate, and take back the House. I’d say the odds of all three happening are less than seeing Jesus today.


  2. You are no doubt correct but if Sleepy Joe wins you can start carving the headstone on the Republican Party’s grave.

    (P.S. it’s Anthony Weiner not Adam! 👍)

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