Is The End In Sight For Fox News?

For the last 20 years (almost), Fox News has been the standard bearer in “fair and balanced” news, employing little known reporters that grow into big stars (and then implode as was the case with Megyn Kelly) and move to other networks. But that may soon be over.

I’m not the only one that has noticed that in the past few months, Fox News has taken a decided turn to the left. And trust me, I’m not the only one that has voiced an opinion on it. Bret Baier, host of Special Report has found it extremely tough sledding over the past eight days, ever since the Decision Desk, manned by Never-Trumper, Chris Stierwalt decided to call Arizona early. The state is still not decided some eight days later (and that was the case in 2016 as well!)

Baier tweeted a request for viewers to join him and “The Story” host, Martha MacCallum for a special on the election coverage over the weekend. It was a rather innocuous tweet, stating simply “Join me and Martha MacCallum tonight at 8pm on Fox News”. Nothing too controversial about that right? So, why did Baier take it down? Probably because he got well over 1,000 tweets in reply telling him where he could tune at 8pm…and that they wouldn’t be joining him. Of course, I’m being a lot kinder than the multitudes.

America has soured on the only conservative cable news channel out there because of their call on Arizona. I’ve mentioned several times in several different places, the smart thing for the network to do at this point would be to get rid of Stierwalt altogether, and tell the viewers that are left that they made a mistake on election night and they should have waited until they had better information before they called Arizona (something only AP did…the rest of the networks covering the election waited).

The problem that conservatives will face moving forward is, there aren’t too many “mainstream” places to land to get a newscast that isn’t slanted so far to the left, it’s like watching Pravda. And I’m sure that Baier, who seems to be a nice enough guy, is really wishing that he didn’t have to host any more election coverage. But alas, until Donald Trump decides to either call of the dogs in court, or the courts decide they’ve heard enough and shut down all of the appeals, or they are proven to be correct and Trump wins (my…wouldn’t that put egg on a lot of media faces around the country???), it will continue…at least until the middle of next month when the Electoral College gets together to cast their votes.

I don’t see the ratings for Fox to die down totally right away. Wait until after Biden’s inauguration, if he is indeed the winner. But next year, watch the cable ratings leader take a tumble from a top spot they’ve occupied since March of 2002! Not only did Fox News unseat CNN which pioneered the cable news channel format back in the first Gulf War, they’ve been able to maintain, even with a steady shift of hosts. Baier wasn’t the first person to sit in that seat if you’ll remember. Brit Hume had the anchor slot first and foremost. And other folks like Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly had a major impact on the ratings in the evening hours as well. People like Jim Angle and Carl Cameron covered the candidates of previous presidential runs like solid “Cronkitesque professionals”. And they are gone now. Even people like Shepherd Smith, Gretchen Carlson, Ed Henry, Paula Zahn, Megyn Kelly, and Major Garrett, who has landed at CBS News with a very liberal spin to his stories made their mark talking conservative smack at Fox.

But in the end, Fox will be hurt by this, just as the NFL and NBA have been hurt with their social stances. Conservatives will hang with you for a good long while, but when you turn your back to them on issues that they hold in high esteem, the chances of you getting them back are almost none. I would look for some enterprising entrepreneur to step up, and make a new cable channel to rival Fox. Something not quite as far right as Breitbart or Newsmax, and certainly not as acerbic as Alex Jones, but you get the picture. There are any number of YouTubers out there that could host their own shows and be paid in the millions for it. All it takes is someone with deep pockets to set it all up. It’s only going to be a matter of time. Trust me on that one!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

8 thoughts on “Is The End In Sight For Fox News?

  1. Roger that! I’m pretty much down to 3 shows on FOX, Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham. The rest of the time I watch Newsmax.
    Lou Dobbs on the FOX Buisness channel is good too.
    It’s a pretty sad state of affairs!

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  2. I’m assuming you mean which YouTuber could host their own show? I would say Tyler Zed is my first choice. Look him up at “Zeducation”. GREAT stuff! Also, the guy that runs Red Eagle Politics is pretty good. Also, the Liberal Hivemind is ok, though the guys isn’t a great speaker, he has solid points. That would be a good start!


  3. I was watching Newsmax the other night and Megan Kelly was the guest. She called it right. I’m paraphrasing of course, but what she said was the News and Media have become Kamikaze’s. They attempted to, and managed to destroy Trump but they also destroyed themselves in the process.

    I totally agree and don’t really see how they reestablish any creditability unless the current outlets totally disappear and a new generation of News and Media emerges. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the Trump family establish some sort of new News/Media outlet.

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    1. That may happen, but I think what you’re going to see going forward is an embracing of Biden and returning to more “normal” treatment of the presidency. They have a guy in there that they like…you’re going to see them now be “credible” again. At least in the eyes of uninformed Americans.


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