Reality Is Different From Conspiracy Theories

I’ve had a number of people, both on this blog and in “real life” tell me that in the end, Trump will be crowned as the victor of this election because of voter fraud. Let’s set the record straight…and you conspiracy theorists out there that want to make the case it ain’t gonna happen, please keep it to yourself. I’ve heard enough blather for one lifetime.

The odds of Donald Trump overturning the number of states he needs to overturn in order to win the election is infinitesimally small. Do you realize never in our country’s history have five states overturned election results? Do you realize courts have never taken so many votes off the board and changed the election results? And do you realize that all of the YouTubers out there that are screaming about how Sydney Powell is right, in the end it isn’t going to matter.

True, until the Electors from the Electoral College gather to vote on December 14th, there is no real presidential winner. And yes, there is a scintilla of hope that maybe just maybe that Donald Trump can pull off a quintilla of court wins (or a major Supreme Court win) that would overturn the election results. However, I wouldn’t bet a paper clip on that happening. In reality, you’re going to see that isn’t going to happen. Here’s why.

Trump’s legal team has lost 28 of the 29 lawsuits that have been filed so far. The most compelling reason for the losses? There hasn’t been any evidence given in court that Trump’s legal team is right. In fact, they’ve recently dropped a lawsuit in Pennsylvania claiming that 682,479 mail in ballots were illegal and shouldn’t have been counted. And unless Rudy Giuliani has been hiding something, or is waiting for appeals to the Supreme Court, it doesn’t look as if the legal challenges are going to amount to squat. Sydney Powell, who was at one point named by Trump in a tweet as a part of his legal team, apparently got bounced off of that squad when she swore that votes were being shipped to Venezuela to be counted.

Now, Powell still believes that she is in the right, and she still has evidence. But telling the world that isn’t the same thing as winning that argument in court. I would have thought we Americans learned that lesson listening to Adam Schiff over the past four years. After all, he had incontrovertible proof that Trump’s campaign colluded with the Russians. But when push came to shove and people were under oath, we found that to be nothing more than a “Schiff lie”. I’m not calling Powell or Giuliani liars, but they have yet to provide evidence in court. Otherwise, you would have seen different outcomes in the 28 times they’ve lost so far.

We are basically two weeks away from them having to convince somebody…anybody with authority to do anything about the election to change their minds, and change the election. Trump said this past week that if the Electoral College votes for Biden, he’d begrudgingly concede…though it was something he didn’t want to do. So, we have two more weeks of conspiracy theories and it will be over.

My point is (and always has been) clear. If there is proof, why haven’t they provided it in court? If they have, and it’s as damning as they say, why haven’t they won? The answers are clear. You can believe that this is the biggest coup d’etat in American history, or you can believe that Trump ran a campaign that was worse than the one he ran four years ago (which he did). I’ve already outlined why he should have lost, and no one has been able to refute any of the points made.

You can believe in conspiracy theories if you want, or you can believe in reality. And if you want to do that, you’re more than free to do that. You probably also believe that Roswell holds the bodies of aliens from outer space, or that the CIA killed John F. Kennedy. Reality says Joe Biden won, and yes, there was some fraud…but Joe Biden still would have won even if there wasn’t fraud. Time to wake up and realize reality is real. The rest is gossimer.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

21 thoughts on “Reality Is Different From Conspiracy Theories

  1. Reality IS different from conspiracy, and facts are different than speculation!

    What I don’t understand is your point of view! On the one hand you say us “conspiracy theorists”, (something you apparently are not), are delusional, but then you go on and say that there is, in fact, a chance the election can be overturned! So which is it? Are we making-up lies about the evidence or does factual evidence actually exist but it just hasn’t reached the proper court yet?

    Just because those facts haven’t been presented in court yet doesn’t mean they don’t exist. When the litigants presented the judge in Pennsylvania with the fact that there were no poll watchers allowed to view the ballots, the judge said that that wasn’t true because people were reviewing the ballots. Problem is, those people viewing and counting the ballots were all Democrat poll workers! That was his reason to deny hearing the case! I believe that judge was a republican? Was he just another corrupt judge or was he perhaps providing a faster track to the Supreme Court?

    Regardless of what you think of us “conspiracy theorists” we are basing our opinions on the facts and the thousands of affiant’s who have presented evidence under the threat of perjury and jail.

    You may be right that these cases may very well never reach the proper level but that doesn’t mean the facts don’t exist.

    My biggest beef is with those who are so readily willing to throw in the towel and are asking for Trump to concede before he has his day court like Al Gore had in 2000. That’s all we ask! I believe it was you who stated “Methinks you need to be a little less condescending and a little smarter in your analysis!” Perhaps you should just accept us “conspiracy theorists” as simply having a different opinion rather than condemning us because we don’t agree with you?

    There is a whole lot more at stake than simply winning or losing this election and I hope you can see that. What happens here will determine the fate of our Country, and the World, for the rest of our lives and I’m not ready to give-up the ship just quite yet.

    Just my humble opinion!

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    1. I think you have just made my point in spades. In fact, 29 courts have now seen the “evidence”. They’ve decided it wasn’t valid or didn’t make the case of the argument that was being made. If the “facts” existed, you either are of the mind that the courts don’t listen to the facts (or you aren’t aware that this thing has been thrown out of more courts than John McEnroe), or that the facts really aren’t facts, but conspiratorial accusations. And it gets to my point. Rather than scream about how Trump was screwed, let me ask YOU one question: What are YOU going to do about it besides write conspiracy theories on my blog? So far all I’ve heard is blather, and neither you nor Rudy Giuliani has presented anything of a factual nature. And for the record…neither has Sydney Powell. I’m waiting to see FACTS. Show me facts and I’ll listen. If you don’t have them, you’re no better off than Giuliani and Powell because based on their court records in this case, they don’t have many facts either (and you aren’t going to overturn an election in five states with a couple hundred afidavits!) If you aren’t ready to “give up the ship just yet…what are YOU going to do about it???


      1. I can wait until Trump has exhausted all his legal avenues or the Electoral College casts their votes. Until then the man has every right to challenge the results and any fair American should respect that right.

        If he loses then he loses, so be it, but he shouldn’t be listening or taking any advise from those who have already thrown him under the bus.

        Granted, the odds may be stacked against him but I think even you can smell something’s wrong in Denmark? It doesn’t mean fraud didn’t exist.

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      2. And I have repeatedly said that there was voter fraud in this election…don’t you read my stuff? That isn’t the issue. The issue is, was there enough voter fraud to overturn the results from FIVE states. I haven’t seen that data yet and neither have you. So to say that he’s going to end up victorious in this election, or that there was rampant voter fraud that would ultimately result in his re-election is not only foolhardy, it’s downright idiotic. You have no proof, so why would you say something like that? The only reason is wishful thinking, and that’s where all conspiracy theories start.


      3. Well I’m no mathematician, but Joe Biden may have broken all the laws of statistical probability in 5 key states with hundreds of thousands of ballots coming into into counting centers, with no paperwork of official sequence of possession, and 100% of them voting only for Biden, and no down ballot vote. Rather fishy to say the least. Also, number totals for Trump decreasing after being posted. Maybe we could raise Houdini from the dead to explain how this magically happened, then 70+Million voters won’t feel like they were robbed.
        Of course, all future Presidential Campaigns will be run from a basement in Delaware with no voter excitement because that is obviously a winning ticket!
        It appears this case is heading to the US Supreme Court, as in 2000, and justices may insist on a national standard for voting that could include voter ID, a paper trail, more secure handling of ballots, a standardized cut off to recieve ballots, and more in depth observation while counting, just to name a few.
        Democrats or Republicans should never have an opportunity to rig elections. Any “illusion” of a rigged process must be explained.

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      4. And again, you’re stating items that are not factual. Have YOU seen these things, or are you relying on others that know somebody that’s related to somebody that dated somebody that thinks they saw something? I’m not saying you have to be thrilled about the results, I’m certainly not. But if you are going to state something here as fact, please show the work. And no second or third hand stuff. This is why Giuliani is losing in the courts. 200 affidavits don’t begin to account for 2 million votes…at least in a court of law.


  2. Well Cactus, what can I say other than you finally written a piece that actually makes sense. I have been waiting for Tom’s response all day and he did not disappoint. So let’s help poor old Tom out with some basic kegal knowledge and you know that I know what I am talking about.
    When drafting a complaint you must state a cause of action stating specific actions with supporting exhibits attached and how the complaints are harmed. Any 1L can tell you this.
    The problem with Trump’s legal team, aside from they are idiots, is they nevered provided any evidence supporting the complaint, as you pointed out. The judges correctly pointed out after a preliminary hearing that all they had was magic fairy dust. Nothing has changed nor will it. Biden was duly elected and that is that. Accept it like I accepted Trump.
    Poor Tom is suffering from Trump Loser Derangement Syndrome and really should seek help as he needs it badly.
    I realized when I met him that he was not worth talking to and this post proves it. I do wish him well.
    Deus vulte illiud.


  3. Well, I will agree with MOST of your post. However, aren’t you the guy that used to sign everything about Trump with “RESIST”??? I think you accepting Trump’s victory four years ago is like me saying the moon is made of green cheese. Let’s at least be truthful here, OK?


    1. Well Cactus, I admit that I did type that, but then old 60’s hippies die hard and resistance is what our country was founded upon. On the other hand, I never claimed ridiculous voter fraud in 2016 and accepted the transference of power, like I did in 2000.
      I also said back in 2017 that Bunker McBonespurs was your Joe, you owned him and everything he does or in the case of Covfefe 19, doesn’t do. I am a man of consistency also as you well know.
      I see that the Republican deficit hawks are coming out just before Biden takes office and entitlement reform is at the top of their list. As I have said before, Democrats are not coming after your guns, the Republicans are coming after your Social Security and Medicare. To be continued……

      John Hancock was a revolutionary and not an obscene life insurance company.
      Sam Adams was a degenerate drunk and believed in destruction of private property.

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  4. I guess avidavides no longer have any legal authority?

    You brilliant procrastinators have consistently missed by point! I have often admitted that Trump may very well lose this election (and yes I’m pissed off) but my main point that started all this was the fact that many wanted Trump to concede before he had his day in court.

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  5. P.S. I would be negligent if I didn’t comment to the brilliant F.Lee Baily (aka SnarkyHistorian) remarking that I wasn’t worth talking to.

    We only ever spoke to one another for less than 5 minutes a few weeks ago and it was you who approached me. I have or never had any desire to converse with you because you are just too smart for me!

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  6. I’m referring to SnarkyHistorian and the comment he made about me not being worth talking too (See previous Nov. 29th, 4:37 pm comment!).

    He approached me at the recent Meet the Candidates Forum and he actually said he would like to sit down and talk sometime!?!?!? I guess he just wanted to tell me how smart he was. And of course, if you don’t agree with a Democrat you’re a……pick your favorite bias!


  7. T & Cactus,
    First, my statement about talking to is from Dances With Wolves as spoken by Wind in His Hair. I am a big movie guy.
    Second, I did approach him first to talk to because I wanted to learn his views and how get arrived at them. I have been accused of many things but being smarter than someone else has not been one of them. Cactus you and I have talked and agreed on some points and disagreed on others, but I have always respected your intelligence.
    Third, as his prejudging me because I am a Democrat I really don’t understand. A rhetorical question is if we do not discuss our differences, how will we ever find common ground?
    There will always be the debt we can discuss and why it doesn’t matter in these times, i.e., involves interest rates on Treasury obligations.

    On behalf of my significant other/life partner, Go Seahawks!!!


  8. Kudos tlc, clearly we agree on the realities of this election. Here’s another thing i am certain we will agree on: At 72 years of age, the one absolute that i believe in is “accountability.” We all are ultimately responsible for the outcomes based on our actions. I’ve made more than my share of mistakes and while i would love to find the blame in others, it all starts with me. There-in is the difference from trump to many of us other mere mortals. He simply refuses to look in the mirror and accept any blame. The reality for his loss is contained in the fact that more people hated him than loved him. He never cared about growing beyond his base and focused on attacking anyone who refused to drink his Koolaid; didn’t matter if they were left or right. Think not? Now he is going after Gov Ducey and Gov Kemp, both solid conservatives who have supported him unconditionally. How sick is that?

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