Unity? Give Me A Break!

Have you noticed the Democrats wanted nothing to do with “unity” and getting behind a president for four years, after their candidate, Crooked Hillary Clinton became the worst presidential candidate in United States history? And yet, after Joe Biden plays hide and seek with the American public, hiding out in his basement, and squeaking out a win over Donald Trump, it’s now all about “unity” and bringing the country together, and healing?

What a bunch of crock.

Look, I can fully understand the angst this party felt when they thought they had the 2016 election in the bag, and all of the pollsters were wrong. I fully get it that they were distraught. But the way they treated Donald Trump for doing nothing more than winning an election, was downright inhuman. There was nothing “unifying” or “healing” about their actions, including the riots in the streets, the so-called childish “resistance” movement that was foisted by people that obviously were spoiled as kids, and the idiocy that we saw played out in Congress, led by such dinosaurs as Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer. So, what makes them think that just because their guy won the election in 2020 by a hair, that they can all of a sudden declare that it’s a time for “healing” and “unity”? What gives them the right to actually call for anything? After all, they don’t (as of today) control the US Senate, and they’ve lost seats in the House and will, if history is correct, lose the House in 2022.

For Democrats to call for unity and healing for Joe Biden’s sake is ridiculous. And if they expect the Conservatives in this country to fall in line behind Biden, they’re going to be sorely disappointed. I can’t see any way forward where that happens. Oh, there won’t be rioting in the streets and looting like there was four years ago, because Conservatives aren’t heathens and sub-humans like the neanderthals that we watched four years ago…and continue to see destroying cities to this day. No, I’m sorry liberals…you snowflakes are going to reap what you have sown. Oh, you may think you’re getting unity, but you’re not. You’re going to get exactly what you deserve.

And I really do believe that it drives them crazy. That’s the one thing about liberals, you beat them fair and square and they cry foul. Probably it goes back to getting all of those participation trophies when they were kids. They feel they should be handed the world on a silver platter because they want it. Not because they deserve it, and not certainly because they have earned it. No, liberals are whiners and cry-babies. Don’t believe me? Go on any social media platform and watch the crying and the screaming, and the infantile behavior of any of them that didn’t get their way.

Unity and healing? Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Oh, it’ll be different from “resist” and all the other childish stuff these brain-dead idiots attempted. But it will be much more effective. And in the end, the divide won’t get closer, it’s going to grow farther apart. And yes, sorry to say it, but it does look like we are heading toward a point where we will reach that point of no return where the only thing left is going to be revolution. And only one side will be left standing!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

10 thoughts on “Unity? Give Me A Break!

  1. Wow! Heathens, sub-humans, neanderthals? Tell us how you really about Liberal’s LOL! I just hope that this wasn’t something you only recently concluded!

    I keep coming back to JFK’s 1962 famous statement, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable…” The only peaceful way to resolve this election fraud is thru the courts. If we have to go into the streets it ain’t gonna be pretty.

    And…we know how many Republicans believe this election was corrupt, I would like to hear a report on just how many Democrats believe the same! The fake media isn’t say’n!

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  2. I like analogies, i like them a lot. Most of the time, even the thickest of of skulls can get their head around them. So, let’s start with this one: A man walks into a bar and starts throwing punches at the first person he sees, and then doesn’t stop. Another guy walks in and buys a round of drinks. Which one is better received? Which one is trump, and which one is Biden?

    I’m also a huge fan of intellectual honesty. Here’s your words TLC: “squeaking out a win.” I could go back and pull trump’s constant commentary about how “bigly” he beat Clinton (even though he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes), but why bother? The only thing that matters is the Electoral College and if i’m not mistaken, Biden’s 306 total mirrors trump’s totals in 2018. Added to that is the 6 or 7 million popular votes he beat him by. Just curious,,, how is that a squeaker?

    Finally, i am old enough to remember statesmen as politicians (on both sides of aisle). They fought late into the night for their beliefs but in the end, it was country first, not party and winning at all costs. Somehow we’ve lost that. The country is in a god awful place right now. Millions unemployed, record numbers of American’s die each day and it will only get worse. Small business owners forced out to close and huge employers cutting jobs daily. I could go on but to what end?

    It all begs the simple question? Is this the path forward as a nation? If politics is reduced to winners and losers, don’t we all ultimately lose? Seems to me the guy that reaches out and buys the first round is way more attractive than the brawler who thinks “he alone” can save us by trying to beat everyone up. But then, what do i know, i’m just one of the “snowflake liberals?

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    1. You ask an interesting question…let me try to explain how I got to where I got. First of all, “squeaking out a win”. The country knew on election night who had won. Yes, it was rather close, but it was decisive. And Hillary conceded the next day. Not to say that the reason Trump hasn’t conceded is his own making, but that there were five states that either needed recounts or that were too close to really call. So, squeak out a win? Yes. Compared to 2016…I’d say so. Compared to 2000? No.
      I agree 100% with the statesmen comment. THAT is where this country became great. It’s where we’ve lost it. I’m not sure if we lost it during W.’s term or Obama’s, but it was prior to Trump. He just exacerbated it with the rhetoric. BUT…I don’t recall the right protesting in the streets after an election, looting, rioting, marching, etc. That happened the day after Trump won. My whole point here was to say that it’s ok NOT to accept Trump as president and to protest and “resist” as many on the left did (not you), but when the left wins the White House, it’s all roses and unity. Don’t expect that. There was four years of lying, of bad media coverage, of hatred and vile words thrown at ALL conservatives by the left. If you expect that conservatives are going to lay down and forget they way we’ve been treated over the past four years and just accept and love again, then yes…you ARE going back to the statesman era. That’s what Republicans did in Congress. They wanted to be part of “the club” and didn’t care what they gave up for it. Back when Tip O’Neill ran things, Republicans were excited just to be invited to his parties. Forget about them actually running things! So, for Biden or anyone on the left to feel that just because Joe Biden won the presidency doesn’t mean that those on the right are automatically going to forget the treatment we’ve endured over the past four years. Stuff like wearing a MAGA hat in public became a “racist” symbol? Really? I don’t recall the words “Make America Great Again” being anywhere close to being racist. If so, our country really HAS turned sour. And just because Trump was the “brawler” as you put it, doesn’t mean that everyone a) approved of the behavior or b) treated the left like that. I really kind of take offense to that remark. Let’s see how much “unity” is shown once Biden gets in!


      1. Not sure what you took offense to tlc, nothing was pointed at you. I try and stay away from personal attacks and speak more in general terms. Nor do i recall seeing anywhere on this blog calling trump or his maga loving followers racist. I just find trump despicable as a human being. That’s a simple measuring stick for most of us that are normal human beings. I consider you to be part of that rather large club; either right or left of center. The fringes on either end are just plain nuts.

        Here is the rest of the analogy: no matter how big, strong, tough the brawler, they eventually end up getting the snot kicked out of them. Hence, it’s why he is leaving the White House angry at the world. For the rest of the story, see my response to your newest thread.

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      2. Oh, I only take offense at the fact that conservatives for the past four years have been bullied by the left on every stretch. Trump, ok. I would freely admit he would have earned that. But for the left to steal MAGA hats or beat up people just for wearing them is wrong. I agree, he’s leaving the White House angry at the world, because that’s his nature…it’s how he got to be a big real estate developer in Manhattan. I never said on the blog that MAGA lovers were being called racist, but I’ve personally seen it happen here in the AZ! Not what I would call behavior that either you nor I would deem acceptable. THAT is what I take offense to…especially when the same people that have screamed at conservatives for four years and called us “deplorable” and other worse things, all of a sudden want to unite? Uh…they have some apologies to give (not you…them).


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