It’s now been widely circulated that Donald Trump has told “insiders” that he is going to be focusing on running for the White House in 2024. Now, on the surface it could be blather…the Donald has been known to float trial balloons to see what the response is before he makes his ultimate decision, so that wouldn’t surprise me. Or it may me something entirely different. Whichever it is, it IS very telling.

Donald Trump has already conceded the 2020 election in his own mind.

Let’s face facts here. If Trump were even thinking about running for President in 2024, he wouldn’t be eligible to do so if he were reelected in 2020. So for him to even joke about it means that he isn’t going to win any of his court battles (basically viewed as a severe long shot by even people that say he should be doing it). And therein lies the rub.

Now, I’m fully aware that anyone that is a serious candidate for President and believes that voter fraud took place, or that it was really, really close should be able to question the outcome. I’m not carping on that point. Trump does have every right to challenge the results to make sure they are accurate. But when it becomes painfully obvious that you’ve lost an election, the smart move is to back away gracefully. Sometimes it’s painful. Look back at 1960.

We know that Joe Kennedy bought the state of Illinois so that John F. Kennedy could beat Richard Nixon in the Electoral College. There was proven (years later) to have been massive voter fraud in Chicago that gave Kennedy the state. And while Richard Nixon would have certainly been well within his rights to challenge the election, and probably could have won, he backed away. And eight years later he was elected to the highest office in the land. And some conspiracy theorists contend that the voter fraud that occurred in Illinois in 1960 was the reason Kennedy was shot in 1963. I’ll leave that one for history to decide if it ever does.

So, if Donald Trump wants to challenge the results, yes, he has the right to do so. But at what cost? More and more Republicans are jumping on the side that he should concede and stop the arguing. Yes, there may have been election fraud, but Trump’s legal team hasn’t done anything to help prove that there were enough fraudulent votes to change the outcome of one state, much less five. And the bigger question then becomes, if Trump decides to announce his candidacy for president in 2024 on Inauguration Day as has been posited in the press, does it help or hurt him that he’s fighting the election results?

My take is it would possibly hurt him. He already has enough “never Trumpers” out there on the GOP side that don’t like him for a slew of reasons. The longer he plays the “fraud game”, the less likely he’ll be to win the primary in 2024, as more and more people will be willing to seek a more, shall we say, friendly and amenable candidate? Someone like a Mike Pence who doesn’t have a ton of baggage on the right, is conservative, and has executive office experience? It’s a possibility that Trump could be seeking the nomination against his own former VP.

Somehow, when the time comes, I don’t see Donald Trump running in 2024. First off, even though he’s a ton more energetic than Joe Biden (who breaks his foot just playing with his dog), he’s going to be 78 years old when 2024 rolls around, and 82 when his term is up. That, by the way, will match Joe Biden’s age. Second, I think he’ll get tired of it and want to do something else (though I may be wrong on this one). Third, I don’t think he’s got the temperment for it, and I think that was the major reason that he got beat this time around. Yes, Coronavirus didn’t help him, but while most people liked his policies, both foreign and domestic, they didn’t like the way he did things. That became evident over the last four years, and that will be a rather large cross for him to bear if he decides to run again.

Time will certainly tell whether or not Trump decides to run again. One thing is for sure though. In his mind at least, he’s already conceded the campaign.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. I tend to drone on, usually beyond my welcome. In this case i will make it short and sweet. Trump has been a con man his entire life. With this election loss, he figured out how to monetize it by setting the rubes up to throw boatloads of money at him (now over 200 million dollars and counting). Imagine if keeps this charade up for the next 4 years, it could be in the 100 of millions of dollars. One born every minute indeed.

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