Is Trump Losing It?

Well, if you believe Peter Wehner, writing in a rather left-wing magazine The Atlantic, the answer would be yes. I’m not so sure…but I do think there are signs that Trump may be a little obsessed with his Electoral College and popular vote loss last month.

Recently pardoned, former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn was at the White House last week for a meeting in which he re-floated an idea that had been suggested before. Flynn earlier had suggested, and it was shot down, that Trump should declare martial law, send the troops out to quell the rioters that would take to the streets, and rehold the election. I can tell you that most in the Trump White House were aghast at that suggestion, and ran to the media to leak it to them.

I get it that Trump is almost despondent over his loss to Joe Biden. I get it that he feels that the election was stolen from him, even though no court in the land has done anything to accept his arguments, other than one court in Pennsylvania…and that was subsequently overturned. And, after saying repeatedly at his rallies while campaigning that he couldn’t imagine losing to a guy that hides in his basement, I can understand why. Trump is all about Trump. Even when he loses, he finds a way around having a “loser” label slapped on him. He did it when his casino when belly up in Atlantic City. He ended up coming out of the whole ordeal smelling just fine, thank you!

But this is a different situation. This isn’t a real estate deal, it’s our country’s history. And now, he’s a part of it, like it or not. And the longer he waits to concede, the more lawsuits he throws up against the wall to see if any will stick (he’s already asked the US Supreme Court to reverse itself and hear his cases on appeal from Pennsylvania), the more he’s isolating himself from the rest of his party, and the rest of the country. In a normal election, that wouldn’t matter because the loser usually goes off and you don’t hear from them until their tell-all book comes out. In this case, Trump has already all but announced his candidacy for re-election for 2024. He has hinted that he’ll make that announcement on January 20th as Joe Biden is getting sworn in. Of course, he’s also said that he’d concede the election if the Electoral College voted Biden as president. That didn’t happen.

Now, it’s been floated that Trump is thinking of going back to NBC, a network he has repeatedly mocked for their rather biased reporting of his administration, and wanting to start up The Apprentice again. Of course, if he announces his candidacy as he’s said, no network anywhere in the country will touch him because he will be making them dish our “reasonable access” to anyone else that wants in. Trust me…having dealt with this in my life…there isn’t a media outlet in the country that wants to have fifteen potential candidates for president knocking on their door wanting to host a weekly reality TV show. And even if he IS able to get it on the air, my initial feel is that he’s no longer the amicable host that he once was. His actions of the last month will haunt him forever.

No, it’s best that Donald Trump skulk away on January 20th, and write his memoirs. I hear he wants to change Mara Lago into a private residence, and that would be a good thing to work on. As far as the presidency is concerned, it’s time to let it go.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

10 thoughts on “Is Trump Losing It?

  1. Lord knows you’ve tried TLC; as have countless others. For those who refuse to let it go, here’s the first paragraph from a Forbe’s article that should help even the most stubborn: “Without explicitly addressing their prior coverage, Fox News and Newsmax both aired segments over the past few days walking back a subset of election fraud claims centering around voting machines manufacturer Smartmatic, which earlier this month delivered legal notices to a trio of conservative networks for promoting baseless conspiracy theories about the company.”

    It’s pretty simple gang, Smartmatic’s potential lawsuit has both Fox News and Newsmax coming to grips with the fact you can’t just say shit without proof. It works when you make bogus claims against politicians; when you say things about companies that can cause them financial harm you darn well be able to prove the claims. They know they can’t, hence the mea culpas.

    Sidney and Rudy’s nonsense is so far removed from reality, it pains me (literally) to watch seemingly smart people buy the craziness. We are, or at least should, be better than that..There are winners and losers in every election, when you get in the game, sometimes you lose. Suck it up and move on.

    One last thought: We walk our two standard poodles every night. Wandering the streets of Sun City i am amazed to see the number of trump signs still around. The election is now 7 weeks over and it is time to take your trump signs down and celebrate the holidays and enjoy the season. Seriously, loving him is your right, leaving the signs up is just tacky.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

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    1. And while I really would be at odds with you over celebrating who won and who lost, you are right…it’s time to move on. The mere fact that the President of the United States would even hear such nonsense about sending the military into the streets and declaring martial law to get a “do over” in the election is patently absurd. It’s been reported in several sources of the media, both conservative and liberal, so I’m going to assume (and I know that’s a risk) that it’s been fully vetted. That prospect alone is extremely scary!
      And Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you as well, William!


  2. Here’s what scares me; you know darn well that sooner or later the truth will come out about how this election was a complete fraud. What happens then?

    I suspect that nothing much will effect the Biden administration because the News and social media will simply not report it and most citizens care only about themselves and have no idea what’s going on in the real world. I suspect some will be totally disgusted to see that, once again, nothing will happen just like nothing has happened when we found out that Trump did not collude with Russia or Hillary did in fact break the law!

    It pisses me off to no end to see that our judicial system is filled with a bunch of cowards who when a real Constitutional issue is brought before them they shirk their oath of office and play word games. The suit is filed to late or the suit is filed too early and you don’t have “standing”. Which is it? Or are they really afraid that the truth will cause cities to burn which justifies ignoring the very reason for their existence, defending the Constitution and laws of the land?

    It appears to me that Chinese influence has a much larger hold on our elected officials from lowly State Mayors and Governors all the up to the Supreme Court!

    What I fear most is the fact that our complacent, ignorant citizens will quietly accept the transition that is fundamentally transforming our Country. Talk about existential threats…it’s not climate change, it’s the Socialist Democrat Party!

    Our once great Nation is headed in the wrong direction.

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    1. Understand one thing here. Just because you disagree with the courts and their findings, doesn’t mean that they are crooked. It could very well mean that you are wrong in your assessments. After all, I would have a hunch that those judges have heard much more about both sides in these cases than you or me, or anyone that we know have. It’s ok to disagree with them. But to call them cowards or say they are shirking their duties is going a bit off the rails. You don’t KNOW that!


      1. And you don’t know that the courts have heard more than what we’re hearing.
        I’m sticking with it that the courts are either cowards or corrupt and it’s not just me saying it. Greater minds than me and from prominent people believe the courts shirked their constitutional responsibility.


      2. And that’s because they refused to hear the case.
        Even Dershowitz and Ken Starr believe the Pennsylvania case should have been adjudicated! PA violated its own constitution!


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