Time To Come Clean (Round 2)

With all of the protest and taking over the Capitol that we saw yesterday, it hit me. Who is really to blame for all of this? There is only one person that is to blame for all of this, and this is going to anger some of you. To you I say put your big boys pants on. It’s time to grow up and be an adult.

Donald Trump is to blame.

The reason Trump is to blame for what happened at the US Capitol yesterday is simple. Instead of being conciliatory, instead of being an adult, he was a petulant child. He refused to concede an election that he lost. Over 42 different courts of law, at all levels (including the United States Supreme Court which has three Trump appointees) found that there was no “theft” of election as Trump intimated. Judges from four different presidents (Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump) all turned away the lawsuits that Rudy Giuliani filed. They did so for one reason. There was no proof. And I haven’t spoken to anyone…not one person, who has been able to show proof. Oh, they have bought into conspiracy theories, they have felt they were robbed. And the reason they felt that way? Donald Trump. Not only did he say so after the election, he primed the pump leading up to the election. Trump said as early as March that we had to be vigilant, or Democrats would steal the election.

So, my question is, with eight months of a head start, are you telling me the most powerful man in the world can’t prepare his country to have a free and fair election? Because if you are, I submit to you he isn’t the most powerful man in the world, and probably shouldn’t be sitting in the Oval Office to begin with.

Trump said after the election he was going to win lawsuits. He lost them. He said the Supreme Court was going to find in favor of him. They didn’t see enough evidence to even hear the case. Trump said that if the Electoral College voted for Joe Biden for president, that he would concede. The Electoral College voted for Joe Biden for president. Trump stayed silent. He’s had two months to concede. The truth be told, he’s known for about a month and a half that he lost. But his ego won’t let him admit it in public. And all that did was fuel the fire of his base. That’s what you saw yesterday. And unless and until Donald Trump decides that elections DO matter in this country, and he lost his because he was the second worst candidate in US Presidential history (Hillary Clinton was the worst), he does nothing but fan the flames of these conspiracy theorists.

You don’t have to agree with this if you’re an ardent Trump supporter. You certainly have the right to disagree. And yes, you have the right to be wrong…just like Donald Trump is. But the actions we saw yesterday at the US Capitol were a direct result of a megalomanic that can’t check his ego. Had Trump been mature enough, smart enough, and a true leader, he would have conceded when he had the chance. Instead, he will always be remembered as the president who cried for months after losing an election he could very easily have won. It wasn’t stolen. It was lost. And it was lost because he was a terrible candidate. That’s too bad because he actually did do some good for this country.

Oh. And as an aside…if you want to disagree with this, fine. But keep the comments to yourself. I won’t be posting them. It’s time to move on. It’s time for Trump to move on, and it’s time for his base to move on. We’ve seen enough immature behavior for quite a while.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

4 thoughts on “Time To Come Clean (Round 2)

  1. Thanks TLC, virtually anyone with a live brain cell would agree, yesterday was an abomination. It was an insult an assault and an affront to anyone from either party who believes in the rule of law. The call to action was loud and clear. The president’s twitter feed should stay down permanently. Pushing people to revolt over lies is simply unacceptable (i am being way more gracious regarding how i feel about what this was).

    The good news is, it’s yesterday’s news. Looking back solves little other than for educational purposes. Looking forward allows us the luxury of finding solutions. This country desperately needs answers to the myriad of problems confronting us.

    You are right, it won’t be easy, but i would argue yesterdays actions may well be the glue that binds us. If Biden can attempt to govern from the middle and invite a spirit of cooperation we all win. Time to move on, time to move with trump simply being a bad footnote in American history.

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