Impeachment Doesn’t Work

Nancy Pelosi is once again trying to play the political game when she announced that if Donald Trump doesn’t resign with 11 days to go in his term, she will go to the floor of the House and begin impeachment proceedings. This is probably one of the more stupid things Pelosi has done…and she’s done quite a few stupid things in her career.

Now, Pelosi is a master at trying to manipulate acts as nothing more than political antics. The latest call from Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump if he doesn’t resign is exactly an example of this. And in reality, it’s over-playing her hand to the point that while it makes a message very clear that she wants Trump to go one way or the other, it’s also an admission of a sort that Pelosi realizes that her days as Speaker of the House, and possibly a Representative from California are certainly numbered.

Impeaching a guy that only has less than a fortnight left in office is absurd. While I’m certainly not one that backed Trump over the attempted takeover of the US Capitol Building, and actually blame him for the whole ordeal, it’s not the time or the place for impeachment. What are you really trying to accomplish? Well, there are two things. First, an impeached president can never hold public office again (if he has been removed from office…and that’s still a very long putt!). That would preclude Trump from deciding to run for reelection, as he has intimated in 2024. Second, an impeachment precludes any chance that Trump could pardon himself. Article II, Section 2, Clause 1 states a president can issue pardons “except in cases of impeachment”. Those would be the only two reasons I could imagine where an impeachment, and conviction, could be useful (or in the case of the pardoning of himself, just the fact he’s impeached means he couldn’t follow through with that).

It’s one more ridiculous attempt by Democrats to not only kick a dog when he’s down, but to shoot him after you’ve kicked him. Let the guy play out the last 11 days of his term. The chances of him ever coming back after the events of this week are slim and none, and slim just left town!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

8 thoughts on “Impeachment Doesn’t Work

  1. She’s one miserable witch for sure. She’s making sure there is no unity and healing. After they make DC a state there will be no need for that and as AOC said “We won’t have to negotiate”.


    1. Ah, but you know, they were wrong in getting rid of the 60 votes for presidential appointments and it bit them where the sun doesn’t shine. And you know what? My feeling is at some point there will be this huge backlash and it will all even out. And yes, DC may become a state (as may Puerto Rico), which means the Mayor of DC is a thing of the past because states have Governors as their executives. That’s the problem with liberals, Carl… they don’t know when to quit. They keep pushing and pushing until they’ve screwed themselves out of a job!

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  2. Another impeachment………That is going to make Trump supporters go away? She is poking a fire that is already hot. She has yet to see real flames yet, and she may get burned. You think storming the House (Capitol) and office she thinks belongs to her was bad? She has to go to the airport to fly home…… think what was waiting for Graham was something. Pelosi could need the National Guard to escort her home.

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  3. I’m surprised you published the above comments TLC. Threatening people (even if they are politicians) is pretty tacky. In spite of the number of times you have posted the true facts of this election and its outcome; the lies told by trump and his sycophants for the past 6 months have fueled this animus and hatred.

    I don’t care what party you are from, the events from the other day are shameful and sickening. People died because of the drivel trump et al was spewing. Is he guilty of murder? Pretending you are a patriot is nonsense, much of the behavior was criminal. If you think not, watch how many people will be prosecuted for their crimes.

    I have no interest in seeing another impeachment, even if this one is deserved. I’m more interested in seeing anyone involved in the assault on our nation’s capital processed to the full extent of the law. Seems to me conservatives have told us a 1000 times during the BLM protests, we are a nation of laws. So; go after them with a vengeance whether they were directly or indirectly involved.

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  4. Well William, as you are going to read on Tuesday’s blog, I have but one rule here. That is that you can disagree with me all you want (I AM the author of this stuff after all), and you are free to call me whatever names you want. You also can disagree and name call public figures. They ARE public figures after all, and yes, they’ve signed up for that. The one thing I don’t allow is when you threaten or use profane language about another reader. That isn’t acceptable. So, as far as “threatening politicians”, I would think I have seen threatening incidents on both sides of the aisle, but you would have to admit more often with Democrats seems to be the rule rather than the exception. I think my words regarding what happened at the Capitol last week were pretty clear, and the blame was laid at the feet of Donald Trump. I also agree that ALL involved should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, in fact, I believe I said I felt the law that was broken was treason and the penalty for treason is death. Did I not say that? I’m hoping ALL people involved are tried and convicted. But, by the same token, from what I’ve seen from several sources, I wouldn’t be backing BLM or Antifa all that much. Based on what I’ve seen so far, they are nothing more than a group of thugs. And don’t get me wrong…both sides have groups of thugs.


  5. It wasn’t your comments TLC and we do agree, there are thugs on both sides of the aisle. I have no problem with legitimate protests, it’s when people of either stripe cross the line they need be punished. If BLM want to engage in peaceful protests and marches, good on them. If trump’s followers want to gather and howl at the moon, fair enough. Not my cup of tea in either case. Once they break windows, steal property or god forbid get people killed, justice is called for.

    Go back and read the comments immediately above my first post. I was simply stunned you shared them. There is a reason you want to read comments before they are posted. I think that is reasonable, especially given it is your blog. I found those comments offensive. It’s the reason trump was kicked off all of his social media outlets. Calling people to arms or suggesting violence is okay or to be expected is beyond what those of us more normal folks consider okay.

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    1. I read them. They were attacking Nancy Pelosi. In fact, they said kinder things about Nancy Pelosi than she said about the President of the United States. And as I said, as long as they are treating the readers of this blog with respect, I feel it’s fair game to go after political figures and public figures (and as you’ll see up the road I consider CEO’s to be public figures). I HAVE to read all comments before they are posted. There are several that never make it to me, they are automatically sent to the trash can by WordPress if they are deemed offensive (usually because they include spam). You seem to forget the number of times folks on the left side of the aisle called for violence against people on the right side! Is it fair when Pelosi calls for violence against Trump? Frankly, I’ve found THAT to be offensive, especially coming from someone that is second in line for the Presidency!


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