You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough…

There have been several times in my life that I’ve been asked to run for an office of one kind or another, or lead a group or get on a Board of Directors of some sort. Probably 80% of the time I’ve declined. I’ve said no, not because it wouldn’t be an honor (it would), or that I didn’t think I could do the job, or that I couldn’t win an election. I’ve said no because I didn’t think the headaches involved would come close to off-setting whatever it was I was being asked to do.

I think Joe Biden is in such a position right now.

I really don’t think (and I know I don’t have to worry about it, Thank God!) that there is enough money in the world to get me to take over the presidency of this country right now and run it the way it should be run. No, I also don’t think I have the skill-sets necessary to do it, which is a big part. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say I don’t think ANYBODY has the skill-sets necessary to do all that is necessary right now. Let me explain.

Looking at the next few years, you’re going to have to work with a very divided Congress that is less concerned about the American people and more concerned with their own party. That’s a recipe for disaster. You’re looking at the end of an economic boom that really started maybe in the end days of the Obama administration, but was accelerated by the Trump administration. That means in the next two or three years, you’re going to be looking at a major recession. I’m not talking about a COVID-recession. This is an honest to goodness cyclical recession. And governments can’t do a damn thing about those.

You have all sorts of problems domestically that need to be looked at. You’ve got a group of people that feel they are due special treatment in the Woke Community. You’ve got the Cancel Community, which basically slams anyone that doesn’t agree with them. You’ve got all sorts of protesters and rioters that continue to this day (look at Portland over the weekend…yup…another riot). You still have to get us back from the COVID thing, and no one, not Trump, not Biden, not Fauci really knows how to handle it. And you’ve got a crumbling infrastructure that needs fixed.

You also have a debt problem in this country that needs to be addressed. It can only be solved one of two ways. The first is to raise everyone’s taxes (not just on those making $400,000). Because there isn’t enough money from the 1%’ers to make it work. And we’re talking a major increase. Probably doubling, at least for the short-term what you are currently paying, and if you’re one of the 47% that don’t pay any taxes, you’re going to start. Or…if you want to forego that route, you’re going to do what really no one wants to do and that’s default on the debt. That isn’t going to make a certain Asian country very happy at all.

On a foreign policy side, you’ve still got groups out there that would love to see “Death To America”. You’re not going to appease them, so are you going to give them their way or are you going to squash them? Or you could kick the can down the road. You’ve got Iran which wants nukes, and a few European countries still trading with Iran that would love to see all sorts of sanctions lifted, nukes be damned. You’ve got the climate eco-terrorists that think that every time Mother Gaia belches it’s because you are taking little Jimmy to a soccer game in an SUV. And you’ve got a flood of people from south of the border that would love to be north of the border, and you have no way to handle that mess.

And you want someone to do that for a paltry $400,00 a year plus expense account? No thanks. I was born at night, but it wasn’t last night. And that’s precisely why you get fewer and fewer quality people…I’m talking STATESMEN here, wanting to run for office. We end up settling on people like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden. Because they are the ones that have the egos big enough to think they could actually do anything about this stuff.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “You Couldn’t Pay Me Enough…

  1. Again we agree, scary isn’t it. Wouldn’t want, wouldn’t take and couldn’t do what politicians are asked to do these days. The idea they have to be not just good fund raisers but super-money grubbers is personally distasteful. We should start there by taking that out of the equation. Fund races out of our tax dollars with limits on how it is spent and strict timelines on campaigning.

    I was never a fan of term limits but with each passing day, i watch as people get elected to safe districts and act irresponsibly, forever. I know you did a column a short time ago on changes, so i won’t waste time on repeating the importance of a restructuring our political system. Suffice to say, some changes are needed.

    For now, we have what we have. Biden will be president and the idea or fears we become a socialist country is pure nonsense. Joe’s first task will be to get his arms around the pandemic. Massive numbers (2 million per day) need be vaccinated. We have to continue to target financial relief to small businesses, individuals through no fault of their own on the brink of bankruptcy and insure the country at large gets back on their feet. Reaching herd immunity will only happen once we have reached critical mass.

    We’ve heard politicians of all stripes tell us of the much needed infrastructure bill that should be passed. It’s time both parties put that in play, quickly. It would get people back to work in good paying jobs and fix the roadways, bridges and other items we have neglected for far too long. Simple, easy steps in the right direction.

    From my perspective, boring Joe will be infinitely better than chaos donald. I’m tired of the drama. Tired of every day facing another crisis of leadership…or lack there-of. Living our lives should be about just that, not being part of the worlds biggest reality TV program.

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    1. Geesh…it’s almost eerie how much we agree! Didn’t I see you at Republican headquarters getting a yard sign??? Actually, you’re right, I’ve written blogs on fixing DC, term limits is certainly part of that, though extremely unlikely, and taking donations out of political races. My only question with Biden is whether he will be actually able to do anything positive. Yes, he’s boring, and maybe that is better than constant drama (I too am tired of it), but I would like to see either something positive come out of DC, or absolutely nothing at all. Lately we’ve had neither!


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