Impeachment 2.0

So, Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives, rife with the thought of impeaching a president have voted once again to impeach Donald Trump. Does it mean anything?


It absolutely doesn’t, because what is interesting is, Pelosi’s attempt to embarrass a president far beyond his own embarassement. Pelosi’s only real motive that I can see at this point is that she doesn’t want Trump running against against Biden in 2024. That’s primarily because I think she understands fully that Biden is not the answer outstepping some, and if Trump is allowed to run in 2024, will crush Biden seeing his economic and foreign policies are a major negative to a major Democrat election regardless if he running in four years, or if someone like Kamala Harris is.

It’s pretty simple. If you were going to be elected president, this is not the situation you’d want to accept as the first incidents you’d have to overcome if you took the top spot. And Joe Biden isn’t capable as far as we’ve seen, to unite America after the violence that we’ve seen. There is no way this doddering old man can bring Americans together after the contentious and often alleged fraudulent calls of electioneering are circulating. there are just too many people that don’t accept him as president.

So, as we move the impeachment process 2.0 to the US Senate, what are the chances that will less than a week to go in his term the Senate is actually going to be able to muster the 68 votes necessary to remove Trump from office? The answer is slim and none, and slim left town over a week ago.

This is an actual stumble again by the Democrats. They can’t win in any sense of the word in this point, other than to make Mike Pence the 46th President of the United States for all of, what? Two days?

In the long run, this will have a negative impact on the Democrats. Trump can’t do anything positive in his last six days in office. Democrats just don’t understand that, and need to wake up, or they will more than push to have him back in 2024. Democrats need to join the “woke” community and wake up and understand where regular Americans are today. 91% that voted for Donald Trump would vote for him in 2024. 79% feel that Trump had the election stolen from him, even though the majority of Americans are not in favor of having him impeached and removed from office!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Impeachment 2.0

  1. I agree with you . How small is Nncy P? Very very small. She should retire and let her natural hair color come in!



  2. Your math is a little fuzzy there TLC. If 91% of his voters from 2020 vote for him in 2024, then he will lose the popular vote by approximately 15 million people and who knows what on the electoral college side? And you are also not taking into consideration the State of New York may well be offering him free housing once he is out of office. Thank goodness he can and will pardon himself, family members and friends from the federal crimes he has committed before he leaves office.

    I do have a serious question for you, but lets enjoy a brief moment of levity before we go there. Now that the republican party has become home of the Q anon queen, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and adopted as their favorite sons, Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz (of the infamous lets send fund raising emails out while the Capital is under siege), how do you feel about the future for the party? Are these the best and the brightest amongst you?

    Just pulling your leg a touch, as i suspect none of the three are your kind of people. On to the question and i am dead serious: Come 2024 would you actually cast a vote for Donald Trump? I ask this irrespective (not irregardless as Josh would say), of whom the democratic candidate is (except maybe for Hilary or AOC).

    No matter what you think of Biden or the two impeachments, this country today is in as bad a position as i can remember in my lifetime. I know, it sucks the pandemic hit, but ultimately presidents are measured by the way they leave the country when they exit the office. Simply put, trump owns the stinking pile of crap (much like his supporters left on the Capital floors) whether he likes it or not.

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    1. You certainly fill up a Q&A box, don’t you? Let’s get started…I don’t think your math works either. It’s WAY too early to determine how many votes Trump would get in 2024. That would depend on several things including but not limited to whether or not he could actually become the nominee; whether or not Biden runs for re-election or turns it over to Harris, and whether or not the country is mired in a deep recession that I see us heading toward. Onto the brevity question. No. They aren’t the brightest amongst us. In fact, I look at the GOP Governors as where to turn for rising stars. Remember…other than Obama, you’d have to go back to JFK to find a sitting US Senator who became President! It usually doesn’t happen that way, and no, Hawley and Cruz aren’t in my top picks for anything.
      Serioius question time: It would greatly depend on who else is running. If he was up against a competent, able GOP Governor, or maybe a Mike Pence, I’d favor the Governor or Mike Pence easily. If he was running against Josh Hawley or Ted Cruz (only because you mentioned them) for the nomination, I probably would vote for Trump (or stay home???). Again, I never say never on most things. He would have to be running against real pig slop to get my vote. And yes, the country is in turmoil. I just hope for the country’s sake Biden is strong enough to pull us out of it. I personally don’t think he is.


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