Biden’s First Real Gaffe?

Joe Biden has been in the White House less than a week, and actually made a pretty bad gaffe that is going to cost thousands of people their freedoms, and possibly their lives. It’s because those folks heard what they wanted to hear, not really what Biden meant.

Biden said that he was going to suspend deportations for illegal aliens in this country for 100 days. He said that so he’d have some time to get his feet wet and get his new immigration policies up and running and get some proposed changes before Congress. All of that makes sense. But in the hassle of changing administrations, that’s not the message that was understood by the latest Migrant caravan to our south.

Over a thousand folks from Honduras who were trekking through Guatemala heard that Biden was basically giving them 100 days to get to the United States, where they would be welcomed in, and could set up their new lives.

I won’t begin to tell you the problems that these folks have faced in Honduras. They’ve had a few hurricanes, a terrible situation with COVID, and a president that’s, shall we say, rather socialist in his views? The end result is, there is a high percentage of the 10 million Hondurans that are unhappy, broke, hungry, and facing political problems in their country. So, they heard the US now has a Democrat for president and they are leaving.

They got their first hurdle when the clashed earlier this week with Guatemalan police. There were some that gave up the flight, and headed back home, but most pressed on. Most of these people have no money, have little in the way of job skills, and apparently, quite a few of them have tested positive for Coronavirus, which means they won’t be spending any time in the US anytime soon…even if the do manage to get to the southern border.

Even though the Biden administration has issued warnings to the caravan to not come to America at this time…that we’re not ready to handle them, it’s not stopping them. And Joe Biden’s message of no deportation for 100 days has been seen by the group as a green light to move north.

So, while the Trump administration’s efforts to stem the tide of illegals pouring into this country seemed to slow that exodus to a trickle, it looks like all was needed to re-open the tap was for Biden to be elected and take office. In short, let’s call this gaffe #1 of what I’m sure will be many in the Biden administration over the next four years.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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