The Nastiness Of H.R. 1

You may not have seen or heard about this one yet…but you probably will. Now, I’ll say, I’m all for fair and balanced elections, but HR 1 that has been introduced in the House of Representatives isn’t it. It basically is set up to insure that pretty much anyone living or dead, legal or illegal in terms of their citizenship is allowed to a) register to vote without showing proper documentation and b) never, ever be taken off the voter rolls.

They’ve tried in the past to get this bill through, but it died in the Senate which at the time was controlled by Republicans. Basically in a nutshell, what this bill will do is enable anyone to register to register to vote online, and just in case that’s not easy enough for you, you will be automatically registered to vote when you turn of legal voting age. That means that even if you never intended to vote, someone, somewhere can vote in your place. How?

Pretty simple actually.

Another provision of this bill allows for expansion of mail-in voting. Basically, it means that no state can limit the use of mail-in balloting. So, the chances for fraud have increased greatly. I know my Democrat friends believe that fraud doesn’t exist in any great amount, but the prospect of fraud will be greatly increased by the passage of this bill. All a person has to do is request the name of anyone over the age of 18 to receive a mail-in ballot. That ballot can then be commandeered (an easy process), voted, and returned without the actual person the ballot was meant for ever knowing that they had been sent a ballot.

Don’t think it can’t happen? It already does.

There were indeed thousands of fraudulent votes that were cast in the presidential election in just this manner. Now, I’ve said before and I’ll say again, I don’t personally believe that it was enough to change the results of the election. But as I have said before and I’ll say again, there was semi-rampant voter fraud in certain precincts usually in and around major cities. Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia do come to mind.

If this bill passes, Democrats have legalized fraudulent voting. They call it getting rid of “disenfranchisement”. It’s a fancy term that they cooked up because they don’t feel you as a person (legal or not in this country) should have to go through any steps what-so-ever in order to vote. You shouldn’t have to show identification, you shouldn’t have to register, you shouldn’t have to do anything. Just vote…preferably by mail. In truth there are fewer people actually disenfranchised in the election process than there are illegal and fraudulent ballots.

The left has been working on this one for years. What you saw in the 2020 presidential election, if this bill passes, could be expanded not to five states, but to all fifty states. It can be expanded not to just the presidential election, but to ALL elections. In short, it’s a coup d’etat of the government through legislative fiat. And the reason it didn’t pass in 2019 when it was introduced was the Republican Senate killed it.

Of course, the Supreme Court may have something to say about it. Let’s just hope more intelligent minds prevail. Otherwise you can welcome socialism in this country with open arms because you won’t have another choice. You WILL become socialist!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

14 thoughts on “The Nastiness Of H.R. 1

  1. Great job documenting what the Dem’s have in store but this isn’t new. A similar Bill, also logged in as HR-1, was introduced back in 2019 when the Dem’s first won the majority in the House.

    But what continues to baffle me is your belief that there wasn’t enough fraud to “fix” the election when you can plainly see, and have very well documented, what the Dem’s intend to do to our voting rights!?!?! And you know darn well that they have successfully used these techniques in past elections. (Can you say 1960 Chicago, President Kennedy?) And now they’re trying to make them all legal!

    Do you honestly believe that Joe Biden, who was never that popular, who has had several failed attempts at running for President, not to mention someone who was showing so many signs of the onset of dementia that he had to campaign from his basement with a teleprompter, would actually be desirable enough to “We the People”, to win the Presidency? Add in a Vice Presidential running mate being a person who couldn’t even survive the campaign into the primary election?

    An “honest, legitimate, fair and free” Biden win just doesn’t make sense to me and never will. And I believe in time you will see all the evidence you need to change your mind, but as usual, no legal action will be taken against the Dem’s who perpetrated the fraud. Double standards and banana republic’s go hand-in-hand! Have we gone that far? Are we there yet?


    1. I have repeatedly said until I’m blue in the face (and said so in the blog today), that yes, there was fraud. No, no one has convinced anyone of authority (and me, not that I’m in that group) that there was enough fraud to overturn an election. I understand you don’t accept it. You’ve made that very clear. That doesn’t change what is….


      1. Fraudulent voting is 1) voting more than once 2) voting when you aren’t registered 3) voting for somebody else 4) anything that violates your state’s election laws. I’m not worked up. If you think that’s an excuse to “restrict voting”, you obviously don’t care if non-citizens vote? They did. You’re starting to sound like Nancy Pelosi there pal…be careful!!!


      2. OK, OK…I’ve got to throw the BS flag on you. First of all, what proof do YOU have that “hardly any non-citizens vote”. And I am looking for PROOF. Same for the election this or last century was won on fraud. Um, you need to strongly examine 1960. Even Joe Kennedy admitted that he threw the state of Illinois to JFK. Please do your homework before posting here!


  2. Cactus, I think jmshistorycorner is yanking your chain. He can’t be that misinformed unless he’s getting his news from CNN or MSNBC or suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome…or…probably both!

    Just look at what’s going on right here in Maricopa County. Shredded ballots found in a dumpster after the courts authorized a full audit!?!? The Dem’s are doing everything in their power to stop any kind of investigation because they know what they’ve done and a true audit will expose the truth.

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    1. Yeah, I saw. I responded to his comment about that’s not how proof works and he’s now in the spam pile. I don’t mind if people disagree with me. But if you are going to do that, show proof! He just blathers on and on.


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