Please Come Back!

Yeah, that’s the refrain coming from the Minneapolis City Council these days. Back after George Floyd died, and the city was rioting, the Minneapolis City Council rushed to join Antifa and Black Lives Matter in trying to “defund the police”. Well, they succeeded.

Now their tune has changed.

Apparently, some nine months of having fewer and fewer cops on the streets hasn’t led to good things in the Twin Cities. They’ve been losing police officers left and right and currently the city has about 640 cops, some 200 below where they should be. So, what did City Council do? Of course! They threw money at the police, upping the same budget they gutted some eight months ago, by $6.4 million! They’re hoping to have some 700 officers on the streets in time for the one year anniversary of Floyd’s death.

And what do we learn from this?

We learn that first and foremost, when you rush in and make decisions using your heart and not your head, you are going to regret it. Of course, it was the popular decision back then. Of course, it was “right” to be on the side of blacks in the city who felt this was just another example of police bias and racial hatred toward them. Of course, the City Council felt they would “defund the police” as a way to punish them for their incredibly heinous and inhumane action. And of course, knowing that liberals never know when to hit the brakes, some members of the City Council are looking at still getting rid of the police and replacing them with a Public Service Department, which would include cops, as well as psychologists, and sociologists, and whatever other profession they feel is necessary to bring about a “fair and just” society to all. They’re getting signatures as you read this, and hope to get it on this fall’s ballot.

Of course, throwing money at at problem is usually not a good idea when it comes to politics. It’s what got the federal government in trouble. They decide they want to undertake a “worthy program” that some liberal just can’t live without, and realize soon after it passes that its’ costs far outweigh the benefits. But liberals never met a social program they didn’t like, so they fight like hell to keep it, even though the ballooning costs keep it resembling a white elephant more than a solution to a problem.

And that’s what has to stop.

Look, I feel terrible that any person, black, white, brown, red, green, or purple has to die at the hands of anyone. That’s not right, whether it’s a cop, or a drive-by shooting. And yes, guilty parties need to be held accountable. But I also am a realist. You cannot expect people to act perfectly in every situation because…well…we’re people. We’re human. We’re going to make mistakes, and since government is run by people, it’s a part of what we should expect.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Minneapolis’ Mayor, or police chief, or City Council understands that. I think they’re bulling ahead blindly hoping that if they throw more money at the situation, it will correct itself. Except that has never worked. And it never will. And the only people that will end up paying are the taxpayers…if there are going to be any of them left in Minneapolis after all of this shakes out.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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  1. But the left never learns from their folly and when they refuse to implement conservative principals they spite themselves and get disaster for results. Predict they’ll learn nothing from Texas winter storms and millions suffering which teaches fossil fuels must remain part of our enerby infrastructure and vocal left will have democrats in congress still instituting green new deal suicide. .

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