It Was OK Back Then…But Now?

The White House has come out and is telling Meena Harris to cool it. And that has Republicans in a snit fit. Who is Meena Harris, and why does it matter? Harris is the niece of Vice President, Kamala Harris. And she apparently has been using her aunt’s fame to promote her brand on the internet.

See, Meena is a social influencer. That means she does kind of what I do, except for money. And to be totally transparent, I don’t get paid a nickel (nor do I want to) for writing these blogs. But Meena wants the money. She’s got over 800,000 followers. And she isn’t shy about telling them who her aunt is. And she’s not shy about using that to promote her website, her vlongs, and blogs, even a clothing line.

But oops. The White House doesn’t want any of that. Which is kind of interesting. An anonymous White House source has said, “Some things can’t be undone. But that being said, behavior needs to change.” And it’s not like Meena hasn’t been told. White House lawyers told her after the election that she had to cease and desist using Kamala’s name and likeness in promoting her stuff.

Now, the question I have is, does this have a familiar ring to it? Does it sound like another Vice President you know, who’s kid got a well paying job, and maybe millions of dollars from foreign governments because daddy was VP? It didn’t seem to be such a big problem back then when it happened…or when that daddy was running for president recently, and was asked about his son’s business dealings. But now, all of a sudden, when it happens to HIS Vice President, it’s time to hit the brakes!

OK, all things being equal and fair, the question I have is, “What has changed?” Why is Kamala Harris’ family member being treated any differently today under a Joe Biden administration, than Joe Biden’s family member was treated back under a Bobo Obama administration? It’s still a smelly kettle of fish. It was then, and it is now. And while, yes, I would say that it’s right to tell Meena Harris to stop using the VP as a marketing tool, why wasn’t that said to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter back when he got his job with Barisma, or when Joe threatened to withhold money to Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor that was looking into that company? Or when Hunter made millions after flying to Beijing with daddy to meet with the Chinese? If it’s good for the gander, why isn’t it good for the goose?

And actually, it wasn’t good for the gander. He just happened to get away with it. And he doesn’t want a situation so close to what he did, and got called out on it, happening to her. Because he knows, that in just three short years, she’s going to be running for his seat. And it’ll look really bad if the last two Democrats to hold that post were selling influence to benefit their family members.

Oh. One more thing. By doing this now, Joe gets to say he’s above board on this type of nonsense. He’s hoping you don’t have a member that goes back to when he was Vice President!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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