One Month In…Broken Promises And Shattered Dreams

So, Joe Biden has been president for one month today. How well do you think he’s done? If you were at all a fan of the Trump administration, you’re cringing when you think of that. He’s basically dismantled most of Trump’s foreign policies, ruined the Mideast Peace chances, pledged to give Iran the bomb (again), rejoined the Paris Accord, which will cost us trillions of dollars and millions of jobs, and he’s broken at least five promises that I can count.

And America is waking up to the fact he’s not all he said he was.

The Consumer Sentiment Index, which is published by the University of Michigan, far from what I would call Hillsdale College, has fallen from last year’s total of 101, to 76.2. That occured over the past month. People that are the most despondent when it comes to the their mindset? The people Joe Biden says he wants to help most. Families with incomes under $75,000. They fell the most, but ALL Americans have a bleaker outlook today than they did a year ago. Even socialist cable network, CNN had to admit, “The report signals that the Biden administration’s stimulus plan and the vaccine rollout aren’t doing much so far to boost consumer confidence”. I’ll say!

The National Federation of Independent Businesses has chimed in that their members’ confidence levels have collapsed under Biden. Their rating fell 0.9% from December to 95%, below the 47 year average of 98.0. In fact 23% of all business owners report that they see worse business outlook over the next six months, that idex falling to an historical low.

Biden’s job approval numbers have taken quite the hit as well. One month ago today, Biden’s approval numbers were 56%, below the historical average of presidents on inauguration day (65%). Two weeks into his term, it had slid to 51%. Today, his daily tracking poll is listed at 49%. That’s a 12.5% decline in just 4 weeks. I don’t think you could match that if you actually TRIED to get a lower rating!

When you add in all of the socialist plans Biden is pushing just to pay back the extreme left-wing of his party, his numbers will continue to fall. If he were to keep this up, by December he’ll be down to 0% approval rating. I doubt that will happen. Harry Truman holds the record for the lowest approval ratings (going back to the 1930’s) with an approval rating of 22% as he was leaving office. Richard Nixon and George HW Bush, both on their final ratings were at 25%. It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride. Hang on!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

5 thoughts on “One Month In…Broken Promises And Shattered Dreams

  1. And I’m sure this comes as no surprise to those of us who don’t look for government handouts!

    Sleepy Joe’s in a race to the bottom but will the Dem’s allow him to get that low or will Kamala step in before it gets that bad?

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