Time For Cuomo To Go

To think it was less than a year ago, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo was sitting on top of the world. He was praised by both sides of the aisle for his daily briefings on Coronavirus, while Donald Trump was being roundly mocked by media and pundits alike for his rambling diatribes that sometimes would go two hours. Cuomo was hailed as a leading expert on how to deal with COVID, and was even given an Emmy award for his daily broadcasts. Cable news channels couldn’t get enough of him, and he was on the air more than probably any other politician save Donald Trump.

Oh, how the times have changed.

When it came out earlier this year that Cuomo had withheld the true numbers of nursing homes deaths caused by his requiring New York nursing homes to admit COVID patients, and that the true number of deaths could have been thousands more than he originally had released, the tarnish started to show. When the FBI and the Department of Justice started investigating him for the falsehoods, it started getting ugly.

Cuomo is not going to leave the Governor’s mansion in Albany without a fight, that’s for sure. He’s called his detractors, which now include a growing number of Democrats, both in Albany, and in Washington, all sorts of names, and has threatened “to ruin” those in Albany that want him investigated. He has refused to apologize for the call to send COVID patients into nursing homes, where previously healthy residents caught the virus, were taken to hospitals and died by the thousands (some say upwards of 15,000). It’s now estimated that over 1,500 deaths could have been avoided had Cuomo not issued that order.

Even socialist-minded CNN has decided to get into the fray and cover Cuomo more and more as the volume of anger among Americans everywhere reaches a crescendo. The news network has told it’s talk show host, Chris Cuomo that he is not allowed to cover the story, nor to interview his brother in the mess. Oh, they are still very partisan, as is ABC, who spent four minutes covering Ted Cruz’ ill-fated decision to fly his daughters and their friends out of Texas for sun and fun, while spending all of 55 seconds on Cuomo.

Let’s make no bones here. Andrew Cuomo made a critical, career ending mistake. He needs to resign before he’s impeached. There’ll be no run for the White House in 2024 or 2028. There’ll be no landing the Attorney General’s job if Merrick Garland decides to step down. There’ll be no more elections for this guy. He’s had his day in the sun, but his bullying tactics, his outrageous defense of his actions, and his inability to step up to the plate when he obviously made a decision that killed thousands, and take responsibility for it are too much to allow him to continue on in his current profession. Andrew Cuomo should be tried and if found guilty, sent to prison for this deed. It isn’t a mistake. Two plus two equals five is a mistake. This was criminal. And he needs to be held accountable.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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