Is This What We’ve Become?

Oh, I think it is. If you look back at where it started, I’d say while presidents in the past have always used Executive Orders to get things through that didn’t require Congressional approval, hence they were policy but not laws, it’s become a game now.

You’d have to go back to Bobo Obama’s administration. He wanted to “transform government” in a very systematic way. Unfortunately, he screwed up his priorities by getting Obamacare passed in the first two years of his administration, and all he could do after that was issue EO’s. In the first month in office, George W. Bush signed a total of three Executive Orders. Bobo signed 24. Donald Trump matched that number, basically rescinding all of Obama’s orders. Joe Biden has smashed through that, issuing 40 EO’s in his first month. That’s according to CNN.

Now, granted, 15 of those orders had to do with COVID, and only two of them were reversals of Trump policy. But Biden has issued 20 reversals of the Trump policy in the first month. All but four were canned, and he added another 20 of his own to the pile. That tells me two things, both of which are rather unsettling.

The first is that Biden doesn’t have much faith in Congress doing his bidding. He is going to be relying on his own initiative to get things done. And because of that, should a Republican win the White House in 2024, as many pundits are predicting this far out, it would seem that most if not all of those EO’s will be abandoned. And just like Donald Trump’s dismantling of the Obama presidency through the reversal of all of Bobo’s EO’s, Biden is basically doing the same thing to Trump. Of course, Trump used Congress better than Obama did, or apparently Biden will. He was able to pass tax cuts that will require a Congressional passage to change (and they could in the first two years, though it’d be unlikely after this year that Congress would raise taxes on anyone because they’re going to be facing an election!).

The second thing that is unsettling is that we have entered this phase where one president institutes policy he deems necessary, even if he can’t get it through Congress. The next president comes in from the other party and destroys everything the first guy has done, and we’re back and forth. Let’s say Mike Pence or Nikki Haley gets elected in 2024, for example. Do you think they would keep Biden’s EO’s in place? Probably not. They are both a lot more conservative and would disagree with the simple policies that Biden professes. And if they don’t make it through election in 2028, or even if they do, come 2032, a Democrat will come in and do the same thing. We are now leading by fiat.

Congress has given up it’s power to really do much of anything. Oh, I know that Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, and a handful of others feel they have power in DC, but really, they don’t. Congress gave up power way back when Woodrow Wilson was president, and he wanted to run the government like one would administer a business. It basically made Congress useless. Oh, they still have some duties, and yes, they still need to pass some laws, and budgets, etc. But for the most part, we now have a CEO as president that calls the shots. Congress is certainly not an equal arm of the three legged stool with the Executive and Judiciary branches.

It will need to end somewhere. Otherwise, we are just going to flip flop back and forth. Are we in the Paris Accords or not? Are we going to negotiate with Iran over a nuclear bomb or not? Are we going to tax the middle class and not call it a tax or not? Are we going to admit Washington DC and Puerto Rico in as states or not? Are we going to build a wall on the southern border or are we going to welcome anyone into the country that can get here? You can’t flip-flop on these issues. And Congress doesn’t have the cajones to weigh in on the issue. Too bad….it’s what we elected them to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

6 thoughts on “Is This What We’ve Become?

  1. You locked and loaded this blog but failed to pull the trigger!

    Anybody who has been paying attention can, or at least should, see what going on here. You touched on it when you mentioned all the Obama retreads in the Biden administration and how Obamacare forced Obama to use executive orders. The truth is, this is Obama’s third term. He’s pulling Sleepy Joes strings to carry out all the things he couldn’t finish.

    I think the only reason Kamala hasn’t stepped in yet is because Obama still needs to get things done before they send Joe off to the nursing home and because I think Kamala is even too radical for Obama’s liking. I’m sure Kamala and the Squad have their own agenda and are just waiting in the wings to put Sleepy Joe to bed!

    ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedom it will be because we destroyed ourselves.’ — Abraham Lincoln.

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