The “COVID Conspiracy Theory”?

Reading the day’s headlines this morning it hit me. First of all, I’m NOT a conspiracy theorist. I don’t think there is a secret cabal somewhere that runs the world. I think we actually landed on the moon several times. I believe Oswald killed Kennedy. And it goes on and on. BUT…

If I WERE a conspiracy theorist, the last year would start me wondering all over again. And I’m talking about how COVID has changed our lives. When you think about it, and think about what we as a nation have had to do over the past 12 months, it makes you wonder. Let me ask you this: What plan that was widely viewed as “outrageous” would make you curtail your travel on planes, cancel the cruise industry altogether, limit your travel to other parts of the country; get you to work from home so we don’t need skyscraper buildings in the bigger cities and useless commute times; take away most if not all of our entertainment venues to keep us in line; keep our kids out of school so at the very least they would receive a less than adequate education (dumbing down the masses); introduce and promote a “woke” society, and a “cancel culture”?

Sounds like the Green New Deal to me.

You know we all poo-pooed the Green New Deal when AOC came out with it. And at the time, only the most radical socialists in the country were embracing it. But when you think of all that’s happened with COVID and how it’s changed everything we do to pretty much mash up with what it is the uber-leftist snowflake liberals wanted, it’s almost scary, isn’t it? If you look at what you’ve had to give up over the past year, and let’s face it, wearing some stupid mask in public is only a very small part of it, isn’t this a huge coincidence? Or is it something like a test, to see how far Americans (and the world) would go if ordered to do so?

I really do wonder on this one. Because of the blog I did a few months back with Genevieve Briand from Johns Hopkins, who said that the number of deaths in this country was pretty stable. In 2019 there were about the same number of deaths as in 2020, but she said that the causes of the deaths went from cancer, and heart attacks and strokes and the like to COVID, while the other causes of deaths seemed to pretty much disappear. So, is it a conspiracy theory to make people believe that everyone that is dying is dying because of COVID, and not the other stuff?

Let’s face it. I can certainly see how the left could come up with something like this just to see if some Green New Deal could work, and for how long before the riots started (not long, as we’ve seen). And when you look and see that the left never once thought that the riots and mass protests over George Floyd’s death violated social distancing rules, or mask rules, but political rallies, and church services did, the inconsistencies were certainly there. Why not ban everything?

The really troubling thing is, if this actually WAS some world-wide test to see how much control could be inflicted over the planet, that would have to change my way of thinking on a lot of things. Now, if there actually is some secret cabal running the world someplace, you’d have to think that eventually it would come out. Somebody somewhere would have to say that they were once in the cabal, and now they are not and they spill the beans on it. I mean, that happens in every other walk of life. The truth does always eventually come out, right? Geesh…it’s like learning that your parents actually had sex!

Well, today, I’m just wondering. It hit me reading news story after news story. It would explain a lot, that’s for sure, but I’m not so sure I’m ready to drink that flavor of Kool-Aid just yet!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

3 thoughts on “The “COVID Conspiracy Theory”?

  1. Interesting article – I never really thought you would write something like that but I can understand why and it is good to be thinking always!


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