The BIG Crisis!

Or so you would be led to believe. This is one of the major differences between the two major political parties. If you really want to look at things through the truth, you have to realize that Republicans want to have success. Success breeds more success (ask Tom Brady!), and everybody doing well is the goal. Democrats are a little different. No, they’re a LOT different. If you look at the past and at our federal Democrat party leaders, they want failure. They want crisis. Rahm Emanuel said it best when he opined, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

And that is the big difference…well, one of the big differences between the parties. Democrats need to have crisis so they can prove that you need them. I mean, if everything is going good in your life, you don’t need government to solve any problems. If you have all the money you need, your kids are doing well in school, you’re employed, you’re insured, and your retirement is taken care of, why in the world do you need government to step in and do anything for you? I’ve been lucky enough in my lifetime to have fit into the above situation. And I have never asked government to do a damn thing for me except keep my taxes low.

Democrats are different. They want to show that government can solve all of your problems. That way you will remember to vote for them when election time comes around. Ask yourself this question. Why is it that Democrats want to open the southern border to illegal aliens to come to this country and not go through a “normal” immigration process? Simple answer is because they know that if and when these folks get citizenship, and that’s really what Dems’ are fighting for, they will get their votes. And they will remind these people continually who it was that fought for them to live in the United States, even at the cost of millions of American jobs.

That’s why you’ll always hear how bad things are from Democrats. They can’t tell you that things are going well because you’ll have no reason to need them. So, let’s look at Joe Biden, and some of the lies his administration is telling in order to have you believe that things are terrible.

First of all, there’s COVID. It’s what got Biden elected because he painted a doom and gloom scenario that the Trump administration was screwing everything up. And if you saw COVID numbers going up, you may be inclined to agree, rather that look at science and history that shows this is exactly what happens in a pandemic. It takes a year or two to work it out. Now that Biden is in office, what has happened to his 200 page plan? Nothing. It doesn’t work. You have to let this thing play out. Biden’s people say that “we had to start from scratch” when it came to COVID. That’s not true at all. Trump and his team actually got not one but three vaccines to market in under nine months. In fact, Joe Biden is seen on camera actually TAKING one of those vaccines. So much for “starting from scratch”.

Now Biden says it’s going to be at least another year before we get back to normal. Why is that? Because these things take a year or two to get over. He isn’t going to do anything more than try and get people vaccines, and he’s not doing a great job at that. Part of that is because state officials are in charge of administering it, not the feds. Part of it is he had no clue what was going on in the first place. And part of it is, give us the bad news and tell us that Uncle Joe is going to be able to solve everything. Hell, Fauci even says you’ll be wearing masks for another year!

No, you need to understand one thing about Democrats. If they can spin a bad story, they can take away your freedoms. They can claim you need them. And when whatever bad time is over, they can claim that THEY fixed it for you! It’s the same thing if your kids aren’t in school or you’ve lost your job, or you’re broke. Dems can fix anything.

Except they can’t.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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